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Thread: Help! Diaper always feels lobsided.

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    Default Help! Diaper always feels lobsided.

    I'm having an issue, especially with abenas, where it feels like the diaper is off-center and one of my sit bones is balanced uncomfortably on the edge of the padding.

    It's REALLY distracting and pretty uncomfortable.

    When i look in a mirror or poke at the padding it looks and feels exactly the same on both sides from the outside.

    The thing is, it's not always the same side. It switches. That makes me think maybe i'm not putting the diaper on right.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?
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    That's a pretty common problem, but most people don't recognize it.

    The easiest way to solve that problem is to basically mock up where the tapes will land, before applying the tapes.

    If you simply attach one side before getting a proper fit, Abenas always have the potential to come out lob-sided because of the tapes being so far apart.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the tapes. They're just more difficult to get perfect than other diapers.

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    I've had this problem when wearing jeans or shorts over my diaper. The crotch seam isn't cut low enough for a loose fit with a diaper, so the seam presses up against the diaper. It can cause the entire center of the diaper to move to one side of the seam or the other, and I don't care for that either. It also puts you at severe leak risk on the opposite side.

    I've tried two things to control this. First was to wear briefs over my diaper. That actually helped quite a bit, I recommend it. The other method was simply to make sure the crotch seam was centered on the diaper after pulling on my jeans. Just center and press up to "crease" the diaper in the middle where it should be. This seems to be effective also. Once you've got the seam in the middle and the diaper creased, and pull up the jeans tight and get your belt on, the diaper doesn't move and you're good.

    Also echoing abenaleaf's advice, make sure you are taping symmetrically. (same place on both left and right side) I generally use the factory folds to help me get an identical taping on the top tapes from left to right, and watch where the tapes are going compared to the end of the leg elastic on the lower tapes. You could also try making a little mark with a marker on your diapers where the tapes need to go before trying to put them on. The first side you tape will feel different than the second since the diaper will be loose on the first tape and then tight on the second, so it's easy to tape too far in on the first one and then not be able to get the tape on the other side to reach where it belongs.

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