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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm finally posting on the greetings board in what would seem like something I really should have done almost a year ago (ugh finally). I wanted to be here to answer any questions if anyone has any about me, but since I could never really set aside time to do so that's why I never did this until now. I'm not going to be able to see this until probably some time on Thurs. or Monday when I get back from home (I'm going home for my grandparents anniversary and for a movie with Cary who I'm going to ask out when I see her Saturday). I'm currently very sick with possibly strep or a very severe cold and I'm bogged down with schoolwork, so I shouldn't even be on now :P. However, I'll get back to this ASAP.
    Anyways about me: I'm a DL from NJ, I'm currently 20 yrs old and a junior in college, probably becoming a history teacher, trying to become an engineer or architect, I draw (and take commisions but now's a bad time due to strep and school), ski, do Tae Kwon Do (my stretching needs work), play videogames, listen to rock music, watch movies (and worked at a movie theatre), and looking for work as Lifeguard. I also enjoy singing and long walks on the beach.
    I've been interested in diapers for years (around age 6 or 7) and I've been wearing for 2-3 yrs now. I'm straight, currently single (hopefully not long), and I also crossdress from time to time (just skirts really). I guess I'm just looking for acceptance. That being said this is one of the best diaper communities and forums out there for anyone who's AB TB DL Furry etc. can have lots of fun diapered or otherwise. I've always enjoyed the welcomes and people here, everyone's kind and great, and I'm glad I'm a part of this community.
    I love this forum, it's been great so far and I hope it lasts forever!

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    Welcome to the site, "newcomer". I'll predict you'll take a liking to the place and won't be able to resist sticking around and posting. Hope you feel better soon, too.

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    Welcome! I recognise your user-name because you posted a comment on one of my photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    Welcome to ADISC! Good to see another one from New Jersey!
    Yea, what Maverick said!


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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    Yea, what Maverick said!

    And from a near neighbor too....

    saw you posting before, good to see you staying with it.

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    Hey, thanks everyone, I'm definitely staying with this. I really do like it here.

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