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    So i'm probably going to ordering more diapers soon. I've been using attends the past two times i've ordered more diapers. I'm looking to get something a little thicker this time. I've tried molicares and abenas and I find them a little too thick to be comfortable in. So my question to you guys is is there a diaper that is something inbetween those? I want something that is thick enough so you know you're wearing it but not so thick it makes you feel awkward. Any suggestions?

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    Hi TOOL

    Can you get Tenas. They are available in different absorbancy levels and are very comfy. They are also very well made and will not leak if you put them on correctly. The highest level (8 drops) will hold a lot but is not very bulky.

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    I tried the secure x-pluses once, I got a sample pack of them and they were pretty absorbent, more so than the attends I have now. Also, they are a bit thinner and definatley more discreet under clothes. However, if you want to be sure, you might try ordering a few sample packs, I believe xpmedical sample packs for about $5 for a number of the diapers they carry.

    You might also have luck with some of the lesser abenas like the supers, not the x-pluses.

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    Well... let's see here.

    First off... Tenas in the USA are cloth covered... boo.

    If you want something that is better than Attends in thickness but less than Molicare Super Plus or Abri X-plus I would say go for Secure X-plus. (Secure Personal Care) They're a little pricey... but they seem to be a middle ground as far as thickness goes. They will absorb just slightly less than the Molicares or Abri X-plus... but significantly more than the Attends. You could also try Tranquility ATN. I haven't tried those personally... but I know a lot of people on here swear by them.

    Now if you want something that is more absorbant than the Attends and want to prioritize less on thickness I say go with the Abri-form Super. I find that the Supers fit very comfortably and will take more wettings than the Attends, while actually being slightly thinner. They also don't clump when wet... which some people hate.

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    If you like the Abenas you had before, don't forget that they have the Abena Super as well. It's about 2/3 at thick as the X-Plus.

    The Secure X-Plus mentioned above is almost as thick as an Abena X-Plus, so if you're looking for something considerably less bulky, that isn't the route to go. Just like Abena, however, Secure has their regular "Plus" briefs, which are about half as thick as an Abena, and still an excellent quality diaper.

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