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Thread: What keeps you with Diapers?

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    Default What keeps you with Diapers?

    So it's no secret that we're all on this site because we're involved with Diapers or baby things. But we're all involved for different reasons. Some are incontinent, some see it as sexual, some use it as support, some feel protected. It tends to go deeper than just 'I like diapers'.

    Me personally? I am a DL. I see them and use them as an escape from stress. I put one on and I can just chill without any worries. I also see it as a fetish and am turned on sexually by it. But I want to know why every single one of you use them, or how you see them?

    Just my attempt at getting a discussion going

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    I too am a DL. I find them a sense of security, comfort, and a sexual fetish to a lesser degree.

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    Im a Daiper lover / babyfur/ adult baby. So its lots of things that keep me "in them or attached to them" but if i had to pic my top 1 it'd be because they make me feel safe and are a huge destresser for me

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    I have Incontinence so I really dont have much of a choice, but I see myself as a Dl as well, since I get such joy from wearing any kind (preferably Baby Printed Diapers). It is also somewhat a sexual thing to me as my girlfriend intentionally makes sure I see her Diaper when we are hanging out and I do get quite aroused.

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    I just really feel a sense of bliss when I wear a diaper. The sexual side has diminished over the years, so now its all about comfort and relief. I sleep better in diapers, I'm in a better mood during, although not as much when I have to be cautious, then I'm a little stiff. I've thought about wearing nearly 24/7, when its convenient, simply because I feel so much better.

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    DL. It really just started with the sexual side, but now i think it's a bit more than that.

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    diapers are a fetish for me but there also comfortable, practical in alot of situations and its always fun to be an ab i love being thickly diapered and wearing a onesie while drinking a bottle.

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    It's mostley a fetish for me and I'm turned on sexually by it.

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    A huge destresser for me because school is very overwhelming for me. They are physically and sexually pleasing.

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    I'm incontinent so I don't really have a choice, but it's turned out to be far less of an uncomfortable inconvenience than I thought it would be in the beginning. The only thing I'm really not looking forward to is jumping through NHS hoops to get it fixed, because it's showing no signs of stopping by itself.

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