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    Just saw a comercial for a new print of huggies pull ups. They still have pixar's cars on them, but the sides are red rather than blue. They will look more like the red waistband underwear that little kids tend to like rather than the classic blue pull ups tha have been around for a long time. I am exited and I hope that goodnites follow suit but I don't think that they are getting a new print till fall. I think it would be awsome if they would do red and blue sides in the same package for goodnites and pull ups; 2 different prints with 2 different colors. No reference to the change on, but the comercial was very clear about it.

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    The ones with lighting McQueen and matter look better. Plus having just McQueens face is creeeepy.

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    Compared to the previous ones, are the pull-ups the same size, bigger, or smaller?

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    do the girl ones have new designs too? they seem to have, IMO, been getting uglier and uglier all pink? ew.

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    The new pull ups with the resealable sides seem smaller to me, just my opinion. Also dont like the cars design as much as toy story.

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    I'm not much of a pull-up man to begin with, but I agree with Fire2box. They ARE creepy.

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    Sadly they might be creepy to us, and probably the parents, but I would guess that Huggies did some research first, and found that to little toddler boys they might be liked. Remember we are not the target, toddlers are, and no mater how much we wish we had the mind set of a toddler some times, we don't.

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    I don't understand the creepy feelings people are getting. I love the McQueen face on the pull up, it is the other design that I don't like because it is so boring. Absorbancy is about the same, not that it matters because they are only meant for toddlers which means that at no point will they ever be effective absorbers for adults. These are more stretchy than the most recent pull ups with the little tabs, but they are less stretchy than older pull ups designs. I can put one on without it breaking, but it sure doesn't fit rite.

    What I like to do is wear two at a time. You attach the adjustable sides of one onto the front of the other and then they can ride up quite high which makes them look normal when they pop up over your waistband. Then you slide the back one as far up your front as you can and pull the front pull up over it as far up the back as you can. With the little tape things, attack them to the sides of the back pull up which makes the back more form fitting and look a lot like real underwear. This design wont work if you want to wet them, but they look like real pull ups on your body especially if you wear pants or underwear over them because they poke above the pants and look just like a real toddler.

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