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Thread: Types and fits germany

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    Default Types and fits germany

    Hey all I've arrived in germany and i was looking to buy some diapers here. I don't really want to use online because i don't want to get caught with them.

    What i was really wondering is do netto and real market carry any diapers that would fit a 34-36 inch waist? I was thinking drynights if they have them buy dont want to go through all the buying paranoia to discover they dont fit. I saw tenas in netto when i was walking through but do they have any plastic covered tape ons?

    Thanks for any help or advice!

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    Well, I'm sorry I can't be much help regarding your questions, but dude! I happen to be going to Germany myself in just a few more weeks. Thats cool.

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    I've also just recently moved to Germany! I'll let you know what I find, but so far I haven't seen much in the shops.

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    If you are close to Hamburg you could go to Airoliver/Save Express.
    They have a very large selection.
    It is mainly internet shopping, but they do allow pick-ups.

    Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland

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    I'm just looking for store brands that might be in nettos or real market and such seems to be the only thing near me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shifty View Post
    I'm just looking for store brands that might be in nettos or real market and such seems to be the only thing near me
    There are no store brands. People who need diapers get them through the pharmacies mostly paid for by their insurance, so any diapers in stores could be merely for light temporary incontinence or anything you'd not see a doctor for.

    At least I'm not aware of those stores selling diapers. I've seen "Riboslip" in Edeka stores, and Kaufland carries Tena pants, but your best bet for tape-on diapers is a pharmacy or a medical supply store (Sanitätshaus). However, that's not a pick-and-pay type of deal but usually comes with having to ask for the stuff and being offered advice and what not.


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    Ah damn that sucks is it different in holland or belgium etc? I just bought a pack of drynites which still fit me most of the time but they rip cause im a little too big to be wearing them overnight haha o well ill have to deal with it :P

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    I was just googling some things about pharmacies in Germany or Apoteken (not sure if spelled right) anyone know anything about these?

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    Hi Shifty
    I regularly order with Airoliver/Save Express. Fantastic service with very good pricing. Their collection is huge: I have no clue how they fix it. And they are ABDL aware: Without questioning I received a PVC sample of all colours and patterns for plastic pants ;-)
    For your waist size 34..36 a tena size large will be excellent. I have 32 and I use medium. The large size is too large for me. What I experience is that the tapes end up right in front -say- 10cm seperation. Another good thing is that Airoliver/Save Express do have good description how the diaper is finished: Cotton style or plastic. Since I prefer plastic this is a good thing to find out. You can order testers and complete packages. Try Tena if you can. It is a very good diaper.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have fun in Germany!

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    Hi Shifty.
    Holland is equally useless for buying adult diapers, sadly. Again pharmacies usually carry them, but they are always around the back, so you need to ask for what you want. Sometimes they need to order them in especially, but that is usually same day deal. They tend to ask if you are registered at the pharmacy, just say no, a visitor. No problemo.
    Belgium is better. They tend to have adult diapers in many of the supermarkets. Especially the 'Hypermarkets' such as Carrefour.
    Enjoy your time in Europe!

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    Sorry to bring up a relatively dead thread but I finally got some :-) im so excited!! I found a german medical store in the small town im staying in (go figure :P) and managed to get a pack of molicare super plus for like 12 euros. Pretty damn cheap for what I'm used to haha but anywho for future people going to germany just look for a sanitaetshaus store. Had to write down what i wanted because i don't speak a lick of german and she didn't speak english haha thanks for all the info everybody

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