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Thread: Wanting to wet without a diaper using an underpad

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    Default Wanting to wet without a diaper using an underpad

    I have been having this desire for a little while. I like to air my bottom out when I am getting a rash or have one and I think it would be nice to just go where I am sitting but i don't want to get it on the furniture so I decided i should buy some under pads sometime and put it under me so I can pee and it won't get on the furniture.

    Has anyone ever tried this?

    Could this be a start of a new fetish?

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    Sounds like a run of the mill pee fetish. Nothing new, you just want to protect your furniture.

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    Must be a girl; a boy would have obvious problems with this.

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    I am a girl and I feel too lazy at times to even use the bathroom so that is why this idea had came to my head and I have had it for some time.

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    I've tried this it's a really good reeling just pop. Bed bad under nd your one enjoy and let us know if you do it x

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