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    I have been into diapers on and off for several years. Of course I am interested in a lot of other things... Sports, especially baseball and basketball.
    I love good music too. It can be rock, country, or almost long as its good...not so sure about still hasn't grown on me. Maybe someone out there can convince me otherwise... I love hiking too whether it be the mountains or the beach! I also love to travel

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    Welcome. I was wondering you said you were into diapers "several years". Many of us, myself included have been into diapers all our lives. When did you know they interested you? What triggered you interest in diapers? How many years were you not interested in diapers? Just curious.

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    I knew about the age of 10....i asked my grandmother to diaper me which she did with her nurse's cravat. I think I was jealous of my younger baby brother. Since then I liked them! However, it was not always practical to act on that I would do it in secret. Then there were times I just stopped...sometimes for years...but the desire to be diapered always came back.. Does that make any sense ?

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    Welcome to Adisc, Spock!! I love your name choice, as I am a trekker & he is one of my favorites!! I hope you enjoy your time here, make lots of friends & if you have them, find answers to questions you have wanted to know, as we are pretty good at that here!! ^_^

    Live Long & Prosper!! \\//_

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