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    I know there have been discussions here on pee shyness before but a search finds not them. I have been hashing this out with my shrink recently as it is a longtime issue in my life and I have a few questions for any others willing to share.
    Are you pee shy? Meaning do you have trouble going in public places like School, ballparks, concerts or bars?
    If so has this always been a problem or if it started later in life when?
    Do you have any thoughts on what triggered this or why this has affected you?
    Feel free to share any tips on how you deal with and overcome this issue as well as shareing any horror stories you need to get out.


    Almost forgot...
    Do you think being pee shy has any bearing on your being AB or DL?

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    I'm horribly pee shy. It's only been recent that I've been able to go in a public restroom, but I have to go into a stall with a shut door. I wasn't like this as a kid, but rather, it started when I went to college. I attended a music conservatory and went to the bathroom, only to have an upper classman standing next to me at the urinal talking about my junk. That did it. I couldn't pee. It started a horrible landslide of non-peeing events. I'd have to pee, like on a road trip. I'd go into the bathroom, and everyone would be there, standing at urinals. I would be standing. They would be peeing. I wouldn't. It became horrible.

    We had gigs for singing at Philharmonic Hall and Carnegie Hall. We'd be gone all day and night, and I couldn't use a public restroom. By the time I got back, I was busting a bladder. My roommate/lover was amused...sigh. Even after graduating, the problem remained.

    I don't think there is a connection to being AB/DL, but who knows. I have bad memories over traveling as a little kid. I'd be on a trip with my parent. I sometimes had trouble peeing in public restrooms, even then. Sometimes they'd bring a bottle and I'd have to pee in the car into the bottle. It all was a living nightmare. Fortunately at my school job, we have private locking bathrooms which the faculty uses. If ever we were drug tested and had to pee in a cup, I'm not sure I could.

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    Uhhh, I hate being pee shy. It is embarrassing and also gets in the way of everything. It's especially bad at school for me though. I'll need to pee so badly but once I get up to the urinal with other people in the room I can't. It makes me feel stupid to stand at a urinal doing nothing and then leaving after just standing there for 2 minutes. And the worst part is when I get back to class and start feeling the urge to pee again. Then all I can think of is holding in my pee, and it really gets in the way because I can't pay attention to my class. I also get paranoid that the fire alarm will go off and I'll pee my pants which would be one of the worst things to ever happen to me.
    I don't think this is why I have *B/DL tendencies but I do know that it makes diapers that much more appealing and useful to me.

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    when i was very young my Father would take me with him to the ship yard some times. one time i saw a navy ship being cut in two to be scrapped. it was one of the most interesting things i ever saw because i could see the entire ship in cross-section. in part there were a row of toilets side by side from one side of the ship to the other with the hatch in the middle. my Father said to me when i ask, that it was the "crews head". i was very young and it shocked me that there were only very short little walls at waist height between each toilet.

    this picture was burnt into my brain and i thought about it every day. you see, i dreamed of being in the navy and going to sea. but the picture of that crews-head frightened me and gave me night mares for years. when i started to get into 3ed and 4th grade in school i learned just how cruel and mean other kids could be in the bathrooms at school. and i would think of the crews-head in that ship. and wondered how that would be. i just knew i had to over come this problem if i was ever going to go to sea. i went to an all boys high school which was a little better in some ways. i didn't know it yet, but my liking boys was helping me. i just didn't understand my feeling yet. my Father was pushing me toward girls. and i let Him do it because i didn't understand what i was feeling. finely it came time and i found myself in the navy. and there were the communal toilets and even better than that (which turned out not to be a problem for me). i found communal showers and i simply loved them!!! it all turned out so much better than i ever could have hoped. because i knew guys who did have problems in the navy. and i felt for them. but i was happy.

    it still took more years to understand my being gay, but when i got around all those men i knew that i had found something i had been missing all my life. i didn't understand it, but i loved it. and communal toilets and urinals...... well that was just a place to be social...... it's not that i want to touch or even look at anyone else. it's just that we were all the same and equal and friends. it felt safe to me........

    lodge wrecker.......

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    In a cubicle I can do anything and have no problem, at the urinal it can only be there or I have to go very badly in order for anything to happen. Needless to say I mainly go into cubicles whenever possible.

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    I used to be that way when I was in high school/college, but I eventually got over it. I used to always be nervous about people watching me, but that faded over time.

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    I've never been able to use the urinals. Its always been stalls or bust.

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    When I was a kid i was a little shy about it and it progressed a bit farther while I was in college. The pee shyness was always there, but never crippling. When I joined the Navy any and all shyness went right out the door. In boot camp it was common for 80 guys to be fighting for 16 toilets in a ~2 minute period. Given that everyone had to go (being forced to drink nearly 1.5 gallons of water a day to prevent dehydration), doubling up was necessary at times. That and the fact everyone saw everyone else nude daily in the showers was like the nail in the "can't be shy" coffin. To top it off, when the do urinalysis drug tests there's always someone watching, gotta love giving a show for a captive audience, haha. So yeah, not pee shy at all.

    As for advice: Just remember everyone else goes too.
    Effect on DL life: minimal

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