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Thread: HELP!! Liver damage due to baby powder?? Anyone else??

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    Default HELP!! Liver damage due to baby powder?? Anyone else??

    Hello all! I am 41 year old male pretty healthy except started having liver problems 15 months ago. Blood works, biopsy (2nd one scheduled 9 hours from NOW).... Got me thinking.... Googled baby powder and liver damage and WOW there's a link with talc and aluminum.
    Reaching out to see if anyone else out there has had liver damage due to using baby powder. I use in my diaper at night. Can't think of not using it but may have to.....
    My AST + ALT levels last year were off the charts in the 1000's. Steadily came down over a year with the use of Prednisone. Doctor started tapering my Prednisone down and last 3 bloodworks levels went back up.
    Bilirubin is ok. All markers are ok I believe except my AST + ALT.



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    Well a few options.

    Mention to your doctor you use talcum powder... say it's for your feet, crotch or armpits... people have used it for that.

    Stop using talcum powder, and see if without medication that things change for the better

    Though I cannot speak to the reliability of this, I saw it other places too Talcum powder poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia you can have liver problems if you breath talcum powder in. Do you have big puffs of talc when you diaper? maybe avoid that?

    Hopefully this is helpful, I'd consider going with what your doctor suggests, but maybe consider if you avoid inhaling the powder (or stop uding it for a while) it might change thigs too.


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    There was a post about baby powder that I posted in some time ago. Here's the thread in case you want to read up on it. I suggested using the alternative powder made from corn starch. Corn Starch feels and smells exactly like talc based baby powder, only without the cancer risk. In that thread is a link to a website called Cancer Prevention Coalition
    In that website one of the things that got me to switch powders was this simple statement:
    "Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos."
    That was enough for me, I switched to corn starch based powders.

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    Yes, hi Coops,
    I will mention "putting on my bed when I change my sheets"...hehe
    And discontinue use.......
    I'm just thinking how much talc / powder is in my bed and floating around in my bedroom.... If I can smell it when I move around, then
    maybe I'm breathing it in and its causing damage.............

    Just wondering if anyone else has run into this. I've been tested for Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E and no results. (And I don't do anything to warrant those conditions).
    This has got the doctor concerned. Was leaning toward auto-immune Hepatitis (Hepatitis is "inflammation of the liver" and due to all kinds of different causes).


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    I switched to corn starch years ago (feels better) but didn't know talc was so serious a problem.

    Hoping this is reversible for you!

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    It's sounds like you've used a lot of baby powder. I use it, but in small amounts. I would put all of the conjecture in the hands of your doctors because I have a feeling it's not the baby powder. Do you use a lot of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen? There are so many things which can damage the liver, and sometimes it's not even outside elements. I hope things get better.

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    Here's some more information about the baby powder/cancer myth. If the product is approved for use on newborns, then I seriously doubt it would be hazardous to adults. There are other causes to liver problems. Alcohol use could be one example. Continue seeing your doctor.

    Talcum powder and cancer-cancer myth : Cancer Council Western Australia

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    With a powdered substance like talc, even if there was a risk for cancer it should be mostly limited to lung cancer if any. By saying it causes liver cancer is implying you inhale such a vast quantify of talc, (without your body forcing you to cough it out) that it has entered your bloodstream in a large quantity. It then led to cancer of the liver.

    I personally doubt there is a significant, if any relation between the talc and your liver problems, it more likely any medication, or drinking, it can also be genetic.

    Ether way I am an advocator for corn starch, its better for the environment, and if your bored there are ALOT of fun things you can do with corn starch, just google it.

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    I'm no doctor, but I think you would have symptoms related to your respiratory tract before getting liver damage if the root cause was talcum powder.

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    having looked at this alot deeper a majority of the possible medical complication seem to be immflatory i.e the talc is inhaled and irritates the lungs etc most of the deep organ problems (liver etc) seems largely restricted to workers with a hugely inflated exposure period to talc. to be honest i think the OP is hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras, my limited medical experience would suggest that with a normal exposure to baby powder that chronic liver problems would most certainly have a different cause as chronic health problems related to exposure will follow the path of exposure ie lungs - blood - heart - liver - kidneys so unless you work in a talc factory or daily inject drugs cut with talc I would avoid making assumptions

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