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    Hello Folks,
    Name is Jonathan. I'm 22 and live in Vegas. I've practically lived here my entire life. Hopefully that soon changes this year, either heading up to Portland or Seattle. Graduating with a Psychology degree this summer. I've Been fascinated by diapers since I was 8, and have wanted to be babied ever since. I'd probably consider myself an AB. Drawn by the whole concept of community here at adisc, something I feel is lacking for our group; hope to make friends here. hmu. Also like playing sports, watching Football (praying the Ravens win this season!!) I Spend lots a time reading and writing; the next great American novel, here I come.

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    Welcome to the site. A solid psychological assessment could go a long way in more than a few threads around here.

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    Hi iJon,

    Welcome to the site. I'm new too, so hello from a fellow noob hehe

    Mia x

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    @Khaymen I think my fascination with becoming a psychologist has to do with wanting to know myself being an AB. I should start some discussions around psychology and infantilism. Share different theories.

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    Hi Jon. Will you be getting a job as a psychologist when you move? Has your psychology training given you any special insight into your own ABism? Hope to hear more from you.

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    @MyWorld08 I'm going to do some social work with CPS or juvenile delinquents for a year, get some field experience. Then enter a PsyD program next year. Eventually yea have my own practice specializing in Adolescent development and disorders. I hope to start some discussions around the subject, share some of my own experience and theories on the matter.

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