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Thread: Bunny tail panties :D

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    Default Bunny tail panties :D


    I'm not a furrie, but I thought you guys might be the best ones to help me

    It's kind of silly, but my girlfriend really likes the idea of a pair of 'bunny panties'

    She means cute panties, with a little bunny tail on the back...
    I'm not looking for the sexy ones the playboy bunnies wear....I'm looking for something really cute and innocent... maybe even with a little bunny face on the front

    Does anyone have any ideas where I could buy something like this, or alternatively how to make something - ie what to make a tail out of, or how to attach it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You could buy full briefs (panties) that have a more conservative look & cut to them, get some big cotton balls & a very small safety pin - then what you want to do, is safety pin the cotton ball to the back of the panty where you think is the best location & if you are going for it, the cutest spot too!! Also for comfort, you could go by the pharmacy section of a store & ask for moleskin, it's like a bandage, but has kind of a soft & furry cover on it, using a piece of that to cover the safety pin!!

    Good luck & I hope you find this helpful!!

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    ^That. Also, alternatively, you could try using some kind of adhesive tape. I know they make them for clothes and stuff, so if you had something decent to look like the tail, I am sure you could pull it off pretty well.

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