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Thread: What trigered your facination for diapers?

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    Default What trigered your facination for diapers?

    While explaining why we like diapers is not possible in every case, the fact is many of us had some moment when we observed ourselves being facinated with diapers.

    Once, in the grocery with my grandmother, she walked on down the ailse while I stood and staired at the baby section with bottles, plastic pants and such. She returned to get me and said...."now you're to big for those". She caught me and didn't know it, neither did I. (from 1960 or61)

    Another early moment was two neighbor kids playing outside in training pants. There were plastic outside, with terry cloth lining. I wanted to wear those and could not quit looking at them. (about 1965)

    Then, there was a visit from my cousin who was about 2 or 3. My mother was changing his cloth diaper, a dirty diaper at that. That is the first time I think I saw an actual diaper change, being the youngest in my family. (about 1966)

    Now I am 55, those three experiences did not produce my DL side, but they sure are childhood moments when my ABDL side became me!

    Do you have similar true events in your childhood?
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    what brought out my diaper fetish is that my sister had diapers in her drew and i was gonna take one but i didnt get away with it i was about six years old and she was about 3 and im know 17 and still love diapers but with out a car it very hard to get them and i really need them

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    I have numerous events from my childhood where I can recall things relating to diapers, and wanting to wear them. Of course the list is so long that I will just shorten it to the most common.

    Wrapped blankets/towels around me like diapers - age 6 ~ 13ish
    Was so jealous of a friend who wet the bed, didn't even know why back then
    Loved going out to the ocean since I could pee in the ocean (somewhat related)

    There was much more that happened, but one thing has led to another, and here I am now.

    Nothing earlier than this I can recall.

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    i think its just that need of needing a childhood, i never had a child hood because i grew up in the city of detroit and my dads a recovering heroin addict and my mom is a recovering alchoholic...

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    The trigger for myself is that through out my entire childhood, my parents would not stop calling me a baby. Ever. It was always "the baby this" and "the baby that". Baby, baby, baby. And god forbid I was near anything crinkly and plastic in their presence: "What does that feel/sound like? A diaper??" I could go on and on in vivid detail about how they did things like that. And baby talk. Anything and everything, relentless for many moons, I tell you. That may have triggered some of it, but honestly I believe it was always there, which I am glad about.

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    I've never been able to pinpoint when it started. I'm just DL but when I was very young I had a secret obsession with toy dolls in nappies. It grew from there :-D

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    For me, it was a combination of being diapered at night, as I was a bed wetter, and an incident when I was very young (3 1/2 to 4 1/2).

    I remember being at, what is called now "Mommies day out", but it wasn't call that then. It's where parents take turns watching each others kids at a park/church. Then each parent gets some time way from the kids.

    Anyway. I remember asking to go to the bathroom. On that trip, I only went pee. Then only 15 minutes or more later, I really had to poo. My mom (who was there that day), refused to take me. She thought I was lying to get a "Trip" out of it (if you any of you know little kids, they sometime like to do this). However, I wasn't. I really had to go bad! It took only a few more minutes and I messed my pants. My mom was pissed! She took me home and put me in a diaper. I remember she said something along the lines that if I wanted to act like that, this is what I got.

    However, this was not like my mom. She was a very kind women (and I'm not trying to make excuses for an child abuser). I just think she was embarrassed and having a bad day. I think, had it happened any other day, I don't think she would have put me in a diaper.

    Considering that, as I started wearing diapers again, this memory would come back every time, I think this is where I started loving diapers. I find it Ironic that I don't like to mess myself now, since it all started with messy underwear.

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    field trip to the local hospital in 2nd grade, a nurse was giving us the tour and finally got to the maternity ward. When she took us to the storage room, she said something like "This is where we keep the diapers for the newborn babies" the second she said "diapers" was the moment this fetish made it's inception in my brain.

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    During a lesson in primary school (I was about 6 at the time) I was excused to go to the toilet. I made my way to the male bathroom, but when I opened the door I was greeted by a sight I remember vividly now.

    There was a girl in there, accompanied by one of the assistant teachers. She was in the year below me, and I knew her fairly well due to us being neightbours/ family friends. Her trousers/skirt (can't remember) were off, and she had smears of poo all down her legs (and probably in her knickers). She had obviously messed herself in class, and had been taken by the assistant teacher to get cleaned up. The male bathroom was the only one with a shower cubicle.

    Anyway, I was frozen on the spot in suprise, until the teacher said sternly "Well don't stare (my name)". I think I then just went about my business.

    Towards the end of school, I stayed had a sleep-over at her house on new-years eve, and somehow we got onto the subject of nappies, peeing and pooing etc. We laid in our beds for a while telling each other stories about the subject. I was about 8 then.

    Also when I was about that age, my family was looking round a high school for my sister, and I remember not being able to hold it and completely wet myself. I'm pretty sure that was my last accident until my DL/teen baby side kicked in.

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    I had a thing for diapers for as long as I can remember.

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