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Thread: Being Sick

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    I know this has probably been posted before, but I HATE BEING SICK. And it is probably worse when you are in college because you don't have class back to back, or at least I don't have class back to back, so I basically want to go home and lie down, but I know if I do that, there is good potential that I will fall asleep.

    Lets hope I get better soon, as I have to work this sunday, and I highly doubt that people want somebody who is sick to be handling their groceries.

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    I'm sick too D:...I just left class, cuz I didn't feel like dealing with being sick, and the class (which is so freaking boring, and the teacher is a moron...)...I've been sick since Saturday (sore throat then, and then Sunday [birthday], Monday: starting to get a cough and runny nose) and now, I have a more runny nose/stuffed up, and I have a worse cough...

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    Im proud to say I haven't been sick more than like 5 times after infancy, so, I really can't complain.

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    If it's just a cold or something try one of those OTC deals at least you will feeel good enough to finish your classes.

    I had one all last week, I felt so bad the saturday before last, I just put my sleeper on and spent the day in bed sleepeing, it is amazing how good that feels.....but then again i'm not at school.

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    Yeah it takes quite a bit for me to get sick enough to say, stay home from school. I have a very good immune system.

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    I'll take any normal sickness as long as throwing up isn't part of it. I cannot stand to do it! Diarrhea I'll take anyday instead. If I feel like my stomach is working up to 'tossing the cookies', I'll quickly down a cup of water with 1/2 tsp. of baking soda dissolved in it. That usually helps me to belch away the sick feeling unless I'm getting a bad stomach virus. In that case nothing will stop it from happening, but at least it won't be acidy and burn my throat on the way up making it hard to catch my breath. Yuck!!!


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    I just go over being sick!

    But I agree in that I absolutely loath being sick. I'm the type of person that goes out of my way to make sure everyone knows I'm sick, mostly in an effort to gain sympathy and attention.

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    I always get the dumbed-down version of sicknesses. I've lost very little school but they take awhile to go away. This has been happening ever since I got really sick for about a week, bed-ridden and all, in 6th grade. That sucked but now I'm like half immune to everything! Influenza, bring it on!

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    I'm just getting over some sort of flu bug or something and now I think I'm getting my roomate's cold. I'm not happy.

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