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Thread: ABDL Pet Peeves

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    Default ABDL Pet Peeves

    I was bagging up a diaper recently and putting it in the bag, one of the tapes came loose and grabbed ahold of the bag like grim death. How does this tape that just seconds ago couldn't hold onto a diaper to keep it tightly closed attach it self so securely to the disposal bag? Wasn't the first time that ever happened, either.

    This got me thinking about other things that are common annoyances in the ABDL world but that we don't generally get to complain about. What else have you got? This is not for the heavy stuff like "People don't accept us" or even "I can't get diapers" just petty things that make you knit your brows when they occur.

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    Defective diapers. Leaking sooner or the tape rips as I pull on it, the diaper rips as I pull on it, slits cuts through it when I sit down.

    The plastic ripping off the tab.

    Whenever they improve the diaper, it's worse

    Pictures of old people only on the diaper package

    Adult diapers not being sold in stores anymore (I may have to buy some ion the store because what if I am on a trip?)

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    drinking simply lemonade from a sippy cup and having to wash it out well to make sure no lemon pulp starts rotting in the nooks and crannys. It turns black after like a day and almost looks like mildew. So When that happens I have to use a pipe cleaner on it.

    Buying diapers or clothing a size to large. Happened with me and dry 24/7 when they first hit the scene and that was with a case due to medium/large or small/medium. I still made them work but the tapes nearly over lapped and it was saggy from the start.

    Tapes popping when out of the house.

    padding disposables falling apart and bunching up at the crotch before you reach full enjoyment of that diaper. Hasn't happened with bambino's all that much though or M4's. slight problem when I had the dry 24/7's though.

    being "caught" with a sippy cup or bottle by a parent even if they are fully aware and say they don't mind it. Still embarrassing, though I assume my dad's glad I can't spill anything at the moment.

    drug stores best adult diapers being freaking depends or their store brand konck off on it.

    the amount a quality diaper weighs

    somewhat of a inability to wear shortalls as a young adult especially if your male. (even pamperchu has to get weird looks even though he pulls it off well and lives in or around portland.)

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    All the fap-happy denizens of the internet's fetish underbelly who go and embarrass us in the public eye, for one thing. Also, the fact that sizes in the diaper industry aren't always standardized. I hate buying a bag of X brand mediums only to find that they fit like a Y brand large >.>

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    I once bought a pair of plastic pants and it had this lace around the legs and waist and I am not sure what type of fabric it is but it flt so uncomfortable I couldn't even wear them. Plus there was no returns allowed. Money wasted. I didn't even know they would feel uncomfortable on me until I put them on. I couldn't tell in the photo it had the sort of fabric around the legs and waist I can't tolerate on my bare skin.

    Diaper leaking when the website said it can hold more

    Skin itching or stinging and the diaper can hold more, I use rash cream when this happens

    The smell, that is why I use baby powder

    Plastic pants wearing out so they get stiff and crack

    Plastic pants ripping

    Cloth diapers being so damn expensive

    Adult baby diapers being expensive

    Diapers sagging

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    Oh goody! I get to rant about pet peeves!

    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    one of the tapes came loose and grabbed ahold of the bag like grim death
    That's the worst! Especially when it sticks to the outside of the bag so you can't seal it up!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    padding disposables falling apart and bunching up at the crotch before you reach full enjoyment of that diaper
    Happens to me all the time with Depends. If I wet the top of the diaper, the padding falls to the crotch and takes down a ton of unused pulp with it!

    If I change on the bed, there will sometimes be a dusting of baby powder on the sheets. If I try and brush it off, it streaks and looks even worse!

    The maddening itch from using low-quality diapers. It's like having a sheet of paper rubbed up against your skin.

    When the waistband bunches up underneath my belly button. God I hate that! I'll constantly fiddle with it to bring it back up. I guess the only way to solve this is to lose some belly fat.

    Another thing that bothers me is the overwhelming amount of stories where the main character is 11-15 years old, or even younger than that! I feel like I have to dig so deep to find a story that features adults or young adults as the main characters, but even then the quality of the writing is usually fairly poor. Either that, or the content of the story is a little too hardcore for me. I mean don't get me wrong, a story of childhood diaper punishment is good once in a while, but I'm more interested in adult characters. Oh well, I've got a small stockpile of stories that I'm comfortable with reading repeatedly. I should probably stop being so picky!

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    When any tape on a diaper comes undone...

    :insert repeated eye twitch:

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    the fact that most diapers will come in medium, large, and xtra large, but not small. Not hating on obese people but seriously people don't have a small size for skinny people but have TWO large sizes? a large and xtra large? come on people...

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    My ABDL pet peeves are:

    • Tapes that will stick to anything, including me, but not to the actual diaper they're supposed to.
    • The physical impossibility of washing Sudocrem off your hands
    • The way that Sudocrem can teleport itself onto any available surface such as clothes, bathroom towels, cupboard handles and so on. How does it do it?!?
    • Waking up feeling really little then remembering it's a work day
    • Tapes that have ripped when you're out in public

    That's it really, so it's not so bad

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    That feeling when you let go in your diaper and feel something running down your leg.

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