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Thread: Wearing to the cinema?

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    Default Wearing to the cinema?

    So I've been going to the cinema a lot lately to see films. Now I always want a big drink to keep me quenched throughout a film but these means I am always getting up for the bathroom before I wet myself! It obviously results in missing part of the film, (I hate that!)

    So I have been thinking about going out in public recently. The whole idea is nerve-racking but I really want to :P I was thinking a cinema would be a great place to start? I could get through a whole film and pee freely Thoughts? Has anyone done this?

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    I've never done it, but other people on the forum have for sure. It's a smart idea.

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    I think a trip to the movies would be a perfect start to wearing in public!

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    I've got a week off soon where I could say I'm going out for the day and go have my 'fun' :-D My only problem is;

    1. I find it really hard to put a diaper on sat down, so it'd be trouble to get it on in a stall (I can't really leave diapered, public transport, blabalblablba

    2. Wouldn't everyone HEAR when I'm putting it on?

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    Here's what I do.

    1 Drink water 1-3 hours before the movie starts.
    2. go before the movie.
    3. sit down enjoy the whole movie with out the distractions of needing to pee or knowing im in a diaper. Though being in a diaper certainly paid off in seeing Alexander. God that movie SUCKED. Honestly, being padded was really the only enjoyable part.

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    I just got home from watching The Avengers while padded. It's easy. Wear a good diaper (I chose a Dry 24/7 with plastic pants over it), go to movie, enjoy large beverage and movie without interruption. If you think you've leaked, then stay until the credits are over and just about everyone else has cleared out (I've done this before and not had issue even after a major leak).

    Really, it's easy. Do it, it'll be fine.

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    I always wear. i love being able to drink one of those giant drinks and not needing to get up. i used to laugh at my partner when he had to get up three times to use the bathroom. i would joke and tell him, "See you should have worn one of my diapers." I could never get him in a diaper, lord knows I tried.

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    You could used the standing method to put the diaper on in a stall. Just open it up, place the back part against the wall, use your butt to old the back section in place while you pull the front panel up, then secure with the tapes. People may here the noise but most people will go out of their way to make up ordinary excuses so they don't have to deal with the unusual.

    Second thing, if you pee and you leak. Wait till the end of the movie, check the seat. if you leaked on the seat, carefully spill some soda on it then go tell management you are very sorry you spilled your drink on the seat and you don't want anyone to sit down in it wet so would they please send someone to clean it and secure it. You are not lying, you did spill the soda, even on purpose it was still a spill, and you can omit the part about your diaper leaking. They will clean it with the same cleaner they would use if it was pee, so your in the clear.

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    I love to wear diaper to cinema. It fell very nice and safe.

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