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Thread: Hi - a little about me!

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    Default Hi - a little about me!

    Hi, I'm new! I don't want to reveal all that much about me. The internet isn't always so private so I don't want anyone I know potentially coming across this side of me

    Anyway I'm a DL. But lets not go on about all that - I wouldn't of joined this site if I wasn't involved the whole, TB/AB/DL community sort of thing.

    One of my favourite things to do is to run! I just love the fresh air on my face! The wonderful sights! (Providing you choose somewhere nice :P) There's just nothing better than a good run with some music to reflect :P

    I also love baths... yes, I love baths xD When I'm bored I'll have a bath, when I'm tired I'll have a bath, when I'm stressed? You guessed it! I'll have a bath! :-D

    There isn't much else really. I enjoy reading, although I don't do it often! I'm a slightly mild techy. I love technology and know more than the average but I'm not exactly pro :P

    That's about it to be honest! I'm always coming across posts on here through google searches so I felt it'd be good to get involved!

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    Welcome to ADISC, jj2jjj! We're glad you decided to join our community!

    I love baths too! I absolutely adore a steaming hot bath, especially after a long day at work. Forget about showers; why stand when you can lie down, right?! Nothing works better on sore back than a hot shower.

    Also glad to hear you love reading too. I'd rather read a book than play a video game any day of the week. I like a little bit of everything, what kind of books do you like?

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    I don't really know what type I like :P I think thanks to my English coursework I've read a good range. I play some video games and often someone rights a novel for it or something like that so I tend to read stuff like that as well Anything that can keep my attention and make me laugh really :P

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