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Thread: make shift diapers?

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    Default make shift diapers?

    has any one ever made a diaper and if so how?

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    I made some crude attempts when I was a kid and couldn't get any real diapers. I would fold up some old t-shirts and put them in my underwear. I don't believe I ever actually used them, they were more for the feeling.

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    When I was younger, I used to make makeshift diapers often. They were very feeble attempts, often involving boxers (I didn't wear briefs ) or towels. They didn't hold pee in, but at least they contained #2. I don't really think there's a good way to make a makeshift diaper. You can just throw something together and hope it works.

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    A few towels and duct tape was my feeble attempt. but before that, when i was nine, i would stuff my underwear full of tissue paper and my moms pads >.< actually worked too.

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    The only thing I did when I was younger, was to put on all of my breifs at one time the smaller ones on the bottom, and the larger on top.

    If you don't have any plastic pants, you can use a garbage bag, but it dosen't work well without plastic pants, however you can wet them but you can't sit around with them on.

    And you need acess to the washing machine, so you not putting 10 pair or so of wet underwear in the wash at one time, but if your home by yourself it's not to bad.

    The things you do when your a kid........

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    Used to make them all the time, just use some towels/blankets folded together and a lot of tape.

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    I don't see a point in them. I'm just waiting until I move out to buy any more diapers.

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    I made one attempt when I was younger and less intelligent. It involved me putting on about 5 pairs of briefs and then proceeding to wet myself a couple times. I was at my grandparents house at the time and thus had no access to a washer and dryer. Also, I had no underwear for the rest of the week (I don't remember how I managed to survive that). Needless to say, it did not go well and scared me out of making another such attempt. I guess if I had kept trying I would have developed some better methods, but you still can't beat the real thing.

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    Ahh...the good ole days of towels, plastic bags, kitchen roll and packaging tape. If you're creative enough, you can create your own diaper with those four items, but it will obviously never be like a proper disposable adult diapers.

    Unless you flood it, the towel should easily contain your pee, and the plastic bag should ensure it doesn't leak right to the floor. However, I would suggest you do not sit or lay down with your makeshift diaper and take it off immediately after using it and take it off right after you've wet it.
    Making a "diaper" for messing is even easier - all you need is a plastic bag and tight underwear. No instructions required really - place plastic bag in your underwear, pull it up, go. Add a layer of kitchen/toilet paper and you can even dispose of the evidence easily by flushing it down the toilet.


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