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Thread: b vs g goodnites

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    Default b vs g goodnites

    Hello I wad wonderig if there was a difference between boy and girl goodnites? Thanks

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    In terms of fit, the Girls don't take into consideration the phallus and accompaniments and are tighter in that area compared to the boys'

    Capacity is about the same, didn't notice any consistent differences.

    For what counts, cuteness level is much higher for the Girls

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    Some members think there is more SAP in the center area of the girls, thus giving us older boys more absorbancy where it counts. I've worn both and I thought the girl's leaked less than the boys, so I'm a believer. (I'm not a Monkey,however.)

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    the different absorption area. for girls it would be in the middle, boys at the front

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    About the same id say.

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    Absorbancy is placed at different areas. Pretty sure i read it on their site before.

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    The girls ones do have cuter designs but ive never bought or used one. it makes sense that they might leak a little less being tighter and having more absorbent material in the center though. ive leaked occasionally when i was in a goodnite.

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