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    Ok all I need some help. I love being outside. I'm not like a mountain climbing kayaking kind of person. I just love the fresh air. I live out in the country on a lot of land however I still have neighbors. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for kid/baby things mommy and me could do outside without attracting attention. Anyone have any ideas?

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    If you have money and a big enough yard: Plato Scotland They have adult outdoor playground stuff :3

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    That's cool. I didn't know you could get adult play equipment. Unfortunately I think that would attract too much attention as I'm not married and don't have kids.

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    It's your yard, isn't it? Nobody's business. It's not like you were at a public park playing on it like a toddler.

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    Yea it's my yard and I'd love to have that and a sand box. Unfortunately I live down the street from my parents lol.

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    If you have a big tree you could have a swing (Piece of sturdy rope and a board and you're good to go!)
    Other things to do...lay out a blanket and play with 'indoor toys' colour, play with blocks, toy cars, etc.

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    I agree with ayanna one the swing or a good old tire swing at that. Other things you can get are big balls and Big wheels or some kind of trike that you can easily pack away

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    mountain bikes.....
    bike riding. i just love to do that with Daddy!

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    I'm a biker as well. If your trees are large, you could build a tree house. Once you were up there and off the ground, who would know what you're doing. You could fence in your back yard with a big, solid wooden fence.

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    Vision recombinant, bright red.....
    what is yours, DogBoy

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