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Thread: Great Deal on Daipers

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    Default Great Deal on Daipers

    I went my local CVS and found depends maxmuim protects for $3.49 my grandma bought them for me. I could not pass up four bags of diapers worth 40 of them for so cheap of price .

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    How did you manage to get your grandma to buy them?

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    Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that judging by his forum profile, he is IC?

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    He is actually severely physically and cognitively disabled, Cherub and patric1776. Most of his low functioning ability is due to seizures he had earlier in his childhood. He has to wear a helmet, and sleep in a crib due to the possibility of falling. He also has to wear diapers, which are purchased for him by his family, because he is totally incontinent. Although it's good that they got him the Depends, I feel that Abena's or Dry 24/7's would probably be more suitable for his needs. But when the budget is limited, people pretty much have to take what they can get.

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    I'm not bad as you said above I do have some kind IC but mental it like over active bladder but pills will not work sine not physical problem. My mentality is around 12 year old but goes back even younger that why family support me with baby stuff.
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    Poohbearboy: If your mental functioning is at 12 years of age, and you have to have someone else (your parents) manage your affairs, and you have to sleep in a crib to keep from falling off the bed, then that indicates a severe physical and cognitive disability. Add the fact that you wear diapers, and I assume someone else (your parents) have to change them for you. This indicates a very low functioning level overall. How are you going to hold down a job, when you have to have someone else change your diaper because you have problems staying balanced? I work, I drive a car, I pay my own bills, and I cook my own food. However, I am STILL disabled due to complications related to Autism, and being on Social Security disability. It doesn't matter how hard I try to manage it, it's still there and it will cripple me for life. Just my situation alone, indicates a severe disability.

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    Honeywell: I am so proud of you for the accomplishments you have already made, and for more success that I believe is headed your way. Poohbearboy: I do believe you can get better! Experts said I would never be able to walk, and now I can run! They said I would never be able to talk, and now you can't get me to shut up half the time! Not only that, but I am living on my own now. My experiences may not become your experiences totally, but I want to give you as much hope as I can! God bless all of you and I hope you have an amazing day!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeywell6180 View Post
    How are you going to hold down a job, when you have to have someone else change your diaper because you have problems staying balanced?
    Where did this even come from? It says nowhere that I can see that he's trying to hold down a job. I'm sure he's very much aware of what you just told him. You know, it's not like he's living it, or anything...

    This is sort of like me asking a paraplegic how he runs cross-country, then explain how I'm not very good at it because I have short legs, and it must be impossible without working legs. Simple logic tells me that he does not run cross-country, so there's really no reason for me to bring it up. I really can't understand how this even came up.

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    Well, this thread got really ugly really quickly...

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    My take on all this, Balto123, is that we must first admit that a disability is involved, even though it's not our fault. Then, we learn to manage it, and to work around it. This way, we can improve our situation. It is important for us to humble ourselves, and sometimes we have to let others help us. This, of course, means that we also must learn to trust others. I can say "well, I don't have a disability because I have a degree (I do)". But that won't make it go away, and it could make others expect more, until tasks exceed the ability to function. Then it can get fairly easy to predict what happens next.

    Meanwhile, I appreciate the support that babyjasmine offers me, along with her encouragement for poohbearboy getting better over time. Yet, all of this is a long, drawn out process. At 50 years of age, I had gone through many jobs. Most of them were low-paying. I lost the best one over 20 years ago: a janitorial position at a major university which today, would have paid over $40,000.00 per year (I could have bought a small house and a nice car). I never dated, or even had an opportunity for any significant relationship, even though I had wanted a girlfriend for many years. I had to accept the fact that it will never happen when I function like an 8 year old with intimate relationships.

    I finally manned up, admitted the severity of my problems, and got help. That's when I was diagnosed with autism at 40 years of age, and learned why I need to wear diapers. I cannot infinitely multi-task, and the lack of security was severely hindering my ability to function in any social environment. Even though the diapers feel great, smell nice (with baby powder), and give me a sense of security while helping me concentrate on social cues and boundries, it still takes a lot of discipline to follow my doctor's advice and WEAR them consistently. Sometimes, I still need counseling to help me deal with what I have to do, and wear, even though it is not my fault. These days, I work part-time and I also protect my benefits with great rigor.

    All I was trying to say to poohbearboy is this: Admit your limitations, and accept yourself the way you are now. Then, manage which ever part of your disability that you can. Nobody will ever fault you for doing your best, with what you got. On the other hand, like me, you will take a lot of flak from others when they don't realize your condition, and start expecting too much from you. For me it was even worse, because nobody; not even I, knew what was wrong with me.

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