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    What are people's opinions on shaving their diaper/nappy area??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shtu123 View Post
    What are people's opinions on shaving their diaper/nappy area??

    Nah I haven't hit puberty yet but when i do ill shave it ALL off! Cleaner! =D

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    Trimming works better. I bought a little trimmer just for that purpose. Shaving burns and itches a few days after, trimming does that much less. I replaced a Wahl brand with a Philips Norelco brand; it works much better. I use it in the shower, it's waterproof.

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    To be honest I don't see it when im in a nappy so it doesn't bother me I imagine it feels better but to me seems like too much effort for something I wont see.

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    I don't recommend clean shaving. I tried that exactly once and let me tell you, the itchies you get down there from stubble is unbearable. So unless you are planning on shaving twice a day or (shivers) getting waxed, don't do it.

    Just trim the hairs there short, say to 1/2" or so.

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    I normally shave it about every 3 days in the shower to keep the length down. I like it much better shaved and I only ever had iritation the first few times. Nothing that a hydro-cortisone cream couldn't help me get through. One thing worth noting is that if you shave it you need to maintain it or it will grow to about 1cm in length and become very itchy and prickly.

    Because of how much I prefer it shaved I've branched out and started removing hair from other areas of my body. (Chest, Armpits)

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    I use a Philips body groom to keep my neather region hair free about every three days.
    No nicks, bleeding or itching. (compared to a razor shave)

    I also use it to trim down armpit hair and some idiotic chest hair.

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    I feel like its easier to clean when I am shaved. Shick Quattro razors are nice, trimmer on one end, blade on the other. The trick is to use a sharp blade every time, and to find a good shaving cream or gel that protects against razor burn.

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    I don't like having hair south of....... but i really have a hard time getting it off. That's the main reason why I don't mess that often. Anyone having any suggestions on how to get rid of it safely and privately?

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