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Thread: Hai ^_^

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    Cool Hai ^_^

    HELLO ADISC COMMUNTIY!!! My name is Koneko and i enjoy wearing diapers :3. ALSO i am apart of the Furry Community and Heavily enjoy consuming cookies;on a side note my favorite color is orange (with a dab of white), while my favorite music is anything worth listening to. I do happen to practice the lifestyle art of Scripture (Doodling) with the added talent of Word Vomit (Short Stories), but do not see myself making a career out of it anytime soon. As you can or cannot see i am a quite friendly person, and can make a great addition to your friends list. Although easily distracted, i will remember not leave a wall of text and leave you one final tidbit of Epicness.

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    Hi Koneko. Welcome to adisc. I would love to read some of your stories, why don't you post some of them in one of the stories forums?

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    i Tend to scrawl out my works on paper rather then on a computer so its sometimes a hassle to rework everything into the right format for posting online, but who knows i could see myself expanding my options to typing out many short stories and possibly even some doodles if im daring enough :P

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