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    Question Living with a roommate...

    So I don't know if this is completely impossible or what... I'm 24/7 for the time being and I will likely be in the same room with somebody in my apartment complex for the next half a year, starting in August. You probably know where this is going...



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    Ahah ! Welcome to my life !

    For the last 6 years, I've lived in boarding schools, homeshare, flatshare and roomshare ^^' (never got an appt of my own ^^)

    I can tell you it will be extremely difficult to go 24/7 if you don't tell him you wear diaper. It is almost impossible to hide, wear and dispose of diapers.
    I am actually in a houseshare with 3 friends and it is not easy to hide them. One of them caught me last week, she was understanding because she is actually one of my best friends but you might not be so lucky.

    You can manage to wear some every now and then but 24/7 even not impossible is going to be REALLY difficult.

    With a roommate, you won't have a lot of privacy as your room will be as much yours as his. You'll have to settle rules such as "to knock on the door before entering if it's closed" (it might sound obvious but some people actually don't care about it..) and like that, you might manage to wear diapers from time to time but don't push you luck too far if you don't want him to find out.

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    Your best bet is to probably just let them know upfront that you wear. I probably wouldn't say that you were ABDL but rather find another excuse for wearing them, the less questions you have to lie your way out of the better it will be for you.

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    I spent two years with a college roommate who never knew that I wore, however I did not wear 24/7.
    If you absolutely cannot share with your roommate that you wear then there are several steps you can take.

    I suggest cleanliness and routine.

    First off you will probably have a space that is only yours, such as a closet. Buy yourself an extra trash can and put in the closet for disposing of used diapers (I also put mine in plastic bags before disposing) and empty the trash can once a day. If your roommate ask why say you don't want the garbage to get smelly. This eliminates odor and evidence.

    Secondly know your routine. There will probably be times when your roommate is gone and you are not. These are good opportunities to change, or carry out garbage, or do whatever you need too.

    As for changing, I carried an extra in my book bag and changed in the bathroom on the way too or from class, or where ever I was going, that way I could carry my book bag in without question.

    Hope this helps, its just from my experience, but maybe you will get some good ideas.

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    I totally know what you are about to go through. Years ago I had a roommate in a small three room apartment. Basically, if you wet 24/7 and are dependent, there is no way to easily hide it. The hardest is hiding the diaper delivery and disposal. At first it was a full time job hiding it, and trying to plan around not getting caught. I eventually just told him about my medical problem and life was allot better. That was when i was 19 years old. Now that I'm 32, I go to no extent to hide anything anymore. I would rather have bulky pants, than have an accident wet spots on my pants.LOL. Plus to be honest, most people in general only see what they see. I could walk around in just a diaper, and most wouldn't even notice. I wear dry 24/7 and securplus diapers to work, and no one even suspects anything. The only thing people seem to comment about is, the fact that I never need to use the bathroom. I'm usually the only one out of a group of guys at the bar, who can drink a few beers and not need to get up to use the potty.
    Wish you luck..

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    its not easy to hide but always remember to be very very careful

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirus28 View Post

    The only thing people seem to comment about is, the fact that I never need to use the bathroom. I'm usually the only one out of a group of guys at the bar, who can drink a few beers and not need to get up to use the potty.
    Wish you luck..
    I have had this problem before also. I like to wear a good diaper like dry 24/7 or m4 when I go skiing and sometimes meet up with a friend on the way up. almost all the time he has to stop to use the bathroom on the drive up and down. Obviously I dont have that problme so he has asked me if I just have a huge baldder or what.

    I have yet to wear a diaper to the bars. Im not sure if it will attract attention because other people are distracted with everythign going on. but that is in the case of bar hopping not just staying at one place.

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