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    How does everyone go about changing in public? Every time i go to melbourne (3hrs from home) i wear a nappy. i would rather wear a wet and even messy nappy than having to find a dirty smelly dunny somewhere in a rush. I normally just go into a disabled toilet and whip the old nappy off and get freshened up. i have never been asked what im doing in there but have got glares and looks. One problem i encounter at times is the lack of bins, i get embarassed if i have to throw it in a park bin. Normally i can put it in the tampon bins. How does everyone else go as far as changing in public??

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    I change standing up in public restrooms when I must. Do you stand up to change? If not, I can help give you advice how to do so. I always have the stall door closed, and I've never had a problem. One time out of more changes than I can count I had a person give me an odd glare while I threw the diaper in the trash. Otherwise, as long as I make no big deal of it, no one else seems to, either.

    You might do better changing in a regular toilet stall than a disabled one. That could be the reason you are getting so many looks. I normally use a regular restroom, but I try to look for those with locking doors on the outside (one toilet - or dunny) in the room and a lock on the outside door. If that does not work, I simply go in the stall and close the stall door and stand near the toilet as though I'm using it standing up.

    If it's a long walk from the stall to a trash can, I'll put the rolled-up wet diaper in my backpack momentarily, till I can get to a trash can. Then I'm not carrying it around for all to see.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have changed in stalls in public restrooms. I use regular stalls or handicapped ones. I do it standing and I have put my used diapers in the sanitary bag or put it in a plastic bag and throw it away in the trash that is in the restroom where paper towels go when used. Or I have raced out of the stall and buried my diaper under paper towels.

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    I have changed in public restrooms also. I like the rest stops on highways where there are many toilets, and very busy. I am usually wearing a disposable either a diaper or pull-up and I just take my time and do it right. I bring my clean diaper in a plastic bag, and put my wet/soiled one in there after changing. After changing, I just toss the bag in the restroom trash can and wash my hands. Nobody ever says anything about it.

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    it's a good idea to carry your diaper change in a 1gal ziploc. Besides protecting the diaper from accidental damage before you can use it, you can put the removed diaper in the bag for easier disposal.

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    I carry a backpack with spares and I just use an ordinary restroom stall, and change standing up. I'll use a disabled toilet if there is one because they always have a bin for disposal. If there's no bin I wrap the used one in a nappy-sack and put it in my backpack, and just drop it in a street bin later on. I've never been challenged about using disabled toilets, but in any case half the time I walk with a stick anyway because I have a dodgy knee that likes to give way at inopportune moments.

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    Woot! Australia! (Land of the Awesome)

    A good place could also be Petrol stations that are dotted around highways and roads. Even if you need to get a key from the the front counter they won't know that you are doing anything other than a "regular" rest stop. And even if they do they won't care. Most Petrol Station toilets (unless you are in very regional areas) are also quite large so lots of room to manouver.

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    I prefer the standing up changing any way as its a more comfortable fit for me anyway. Whipping the tapes open is also not a problem as i usally wear Molicare Super Soft. There great for holding my business but wish they werent purple for disposal purposes. Im looking for another premium nappy to try as i have ran out and will order online. Wish i could get some Bambino Belissimos or Biancos. Oh well

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    Melbourne has become a little harder to change in IMO over the last decade or so. Very rare for me to need any protection during the day (currently) but if I was in the CBD and needed to change I would use the Melbourne Central disabled toilet in the basement level closest to Lonsdale Street.... Basically if you walk in from the Lonsdale Street entrance take the immediate stairs or escalators down to the basement, walk past the chemist and first few shops and their is a corridor to your right, a large disabled toilet is on the right hand side, after this you will find stairs to the mens & womens.

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