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Thread: Ignore me, I'm a test user.

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    Default Ignore me, I'm a test user.

    I'm a test user that Danny made for kicking around. Hence the name. Other mods/admins can feel free to do the same. Nothing to see here, move along.

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    Isn't that not allowed... having more than one user...

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    I created this account so that I and other staff members can test functions such as banning. In the past (on TBDL, before the server crash) I had a second account that was used as a bot for sending PMs to users to verify them on a now-defunct wiki project I started up. The password's already disclosed to everyone on staff.

    The main motivation behind this was testing the tools for user administration that I have on the wiki.


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    Ahh, anyways... I remembered that have more accounts was for spamming and repping...

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    "Rag Doll livin' in a movie
    Hot tramp Daddy's little cutie
    You're so fine they'll never see ya leavin' by the back door, mam
    Hot time get it while it's easy
    Don't mind come on up and see me
    Rag Doll baby won't you do me like you done before"

    "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith

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    Um, all staffers can ban people?

    Even if they just edit the wiki?

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    Or alternatively you could've not made this thread at all and avoided the obvious. No offense.

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    Oh oh - guinea pig me!! Oh, wait, I has been guinea pigged before... Actually, multiple accts is not all that unusual for people with admin powers/duties... especially in chat... Still...

    Hello Ragdoll... welcome, glad to have you here. Nice intro, humorous and succinct. I take it you are a little shy (nothing to see here, move along) but feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself, or your adventures as an alter-ego guinea pig. Please don't feel picked-on, you have a special role, and are appreciated.
    * /me hugs the Ragdoll*

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperdude View Post
    Or alternatively you could've not made this thread at all and avoided the obvious. No offense.
    I actually agree completely.

    There was no point to this thread, Danny, if he was just a test for you.

    I will close this and if a Mod thinks it needs to be open again, all for it.


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