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Thread: AB or DL?

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    Default AB or DL?

    Which one are you? Personaly, I am a little of both, mostly DL though

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    Welcome, Anita! Glad you're here! I'm DL/incontinent. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnitaJohb View Post
    Which one are you? Personaly, I am a little of both, mostly DL though
    Same here, diapers are one of the biggest parts of my life. I view them as a necessity, not a want.

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    I too am a little of both. Mostly DL with an added sissy look. Occasionally I'll go totally AB. It's kind of hard to do stuff when there's people all around you. Stupid roommates.

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    Primarily DL for me do not have much in the way of AB items

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    I'm a LG/AB who usually furiously denies she's a DL even one tiny liddel bit; the diapers are just for little feelings and incon, I don't actually have any interest in wearing them alone! However, after a day or so of not wearing, diapers come to the forefront of my mind...not being little, not being a baby...diapers. When Mama banned me from wearing for a few days, I found myself utterly desperate to pad up at the end. There was nothing I wanted more than to tape on a fresh crinkly diaper.

    With that in mind, I'd say I'm a bit of a DL...I'm a DL when I can't have diapers. When I'm in them, the 'urge' is basically much that I nearly forget I have the 'urge' at all! So, I'm saying tentatively I'm a DL...but in a few weeks I know I'll be back to insisting I'm not! XD Silly Charlie...

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    im more of a DL as i dont have anything AB, well not till i get my own place lol then i might get some bits n pieces and see what its like being an AB :-)

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    I'm more of an AK than either AB or DL...basically I like toddler-ish things! :-) I'm not really into the whole diaper thing (at least not these days...but who knows what the future holds?).

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    I am mostly a dl how ever I have a strong ab side and when I am at a friends house who is a daddy I tend to be more of an ab and enjoy it very much.

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