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Thread: The Disgusting Used Diaper Thread

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    Default The Disgusting Used Diaper Thread

    I am aware that this is going to be a very strange topic to talk about. However, I am certain that this is not unknown to the DL community.

    When you were younger, as in, too young to be able to have your own money and purchase diaper's, did you ever take used diaper's out of bins or pails?

    As disgusting and unhygienic as it may seem, I used to do this when I was about 10,11 or 12ish before I had the income power to buy diapers at my own will.

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    I only did it once but didn't stay in it very long

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    I never did this, only because if something is in the trash, i'll leave it there. Especially if it's a used diaper.

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    I never did. But I did take them out to look inside them but I never wanted to wear them because I always found it gross.

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    Sometimes I would find one on the street and kick it till it opened a little. I would leave it alone after that and I think it was just me be curious about how they worked or something.

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    I never took one out of the trash or anything, but when I saw one someone had taken off a kid and tossed on the ground and, while annoyed at the piggish adult who tossed it, I envied the little person who got to go to the bathroom in it.

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    That sounds rather disgusting.

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    I'll admit, I did this on one occasion when I was a kid... (Probably around the age of six, maybe five) I pulled it out, and put it on... It was my little sister's diaper. I cannot recall really what it felt like, but I don't think it was very wet. Still disgusting, but whatever... I swear I had temporary bouts of brain damage when I was a kid.

    Some time later, I was doing something that got me in trouble with my mother who figured that a spanking was in order. (She rarely does this and doesn't spank hard at all) A couple of swats later, she realized I was wearing a diaper. I can't really recall much after that, but I don't think I got into trouble for it. I may have had the thing on for longer, I'm not entirely sure if she knew that it was dirty or not. It was so long ago though that I cannot really recall any more details.
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    I've never actually taken them out and worn them, but at my friend's house everytime i went to the bathroom, i took a peek in their waste bin and(my friend was a bedwetter) most of the time there would be a used pull up. Of course i never had the courage or time to wear them but it was still quite the thrill

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    ewwwww... No.

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