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Thread: Advice for the collage bound?

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    Question Advice for the collage bound?

    May not be putting this in the right place, but I figured here I might get better answers.
    So here's what's up. I'm going to collage in the fall as a freshman and I still wet the bed. Not only that but I'm going to take the opportunity to go full time. My issue is how to explain to some stranger that I still wet the bed and possibly my day time wearing.
    Also, do schools work with people with problems like these?

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    I have some unrelated advice.

    If you're going to college, learn to spell college. =P

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    He could be attending a collage at a museum. He could simply just be afraid of bed wetting while sleeping at a museum overnight. Because that makes a lot of sense.

    On a more serious note.

    Do you plan on living on campus (i.e. dorms)? Normally when you fill out your dorm assignments, there will be an option where you can talk about your health concerns and whatnot. If you tell them, then there's the option that you'll be roomed with someone who also is a bed wetter, but this certainly is not a guarantee. You also have the option of trying to get a single (or a super double), but I'm not sure if your university allows that or has that option for incoming freshman.

    If you end up rooming with someone who isn't a bed wetter, the best way to go about it is through honesty. Don't try to hide or lie about it. Just approach it casually and normally; your roommate should hopefully be a-okay with it. And if worse comes to worse, you can always get a room swap.

    Just remember to be mature and casual about it. As long as you are yourself and you don't approach it in a weird manner, then there shouldn't be any problems.
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    Well most people use glue sticks for collage binding. Of course if you wanted to be artsy you could tastefully line up staples or paperclips, or even find some way to get the paper to just hang on there on its own!

    The only limit is yourself, at collagecom.

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    Cody, as others have said, you might want to mark on your dorm application that you have incontinence/bedwetting issues. They would then try match you with a roommate with incontinence/bedwetting. I chose not to do this, as I wanted to be part of the honors and special interest dorm wings. I never had a problem with diapers in college.

    My roommates were always fine with my wetting/diapers, though I worked hard to be discreet and courteous. Here are some of the things I did, and you're welcome to try any of them if you think they might work in your situation. I actually found being diapered in college much easier than being diapered in high school. I always just stated incontinence and never admitted to anything DL.

    1) I looked for the little-used public restrooms on campus or those that had a locking door, and I would often change there so I didn't bother my roommate or wingmates. I always had a few diapers in my backpack.

    2) I NEVER changed diapers in my dorm room when my roommate was there and awake.

    3) I would sometimes buy a bag of diapers in a retail store, then just put them in my backpack and carry them to my room. Other times, I would order diapers by the case and have them shipped to the campus mail center. Then, when my roommate was out I'd bring the case to my room and open it. Some of the diapers I'd put in my suitcase and others up above the drop ceiling tiles. I'd keep only a few in one dresser drawer with clothes on top, restocking the drawer as necessary when my roommate was away. Other folks recommend having a locking trunk to store diapers in, though I never did this.

    Hope this is helpful! Really, in college most people are so busy minding their own business they don't really care what your underwear is. Hope you have a great summer and a good first semester in college!

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    Let the college know at the outset. Make it a matter of record that you have this manageable medical problem, and let them know, too, that you're letting them know because it might be necessary to respond to the immaturity of other students at their (the administration's) school. This way, if you can get any special consideration, you'll get it from the start, and if you need to change roommates, the college will be more likely to respond in your favor.

    Then do not be ashamed. Challenge your roommate to be adult and mature about how you manage your medical problem. Act maturely yourself and you'll improve your chances of getting that response. Discretion on your part is a mature, adult trait, as mentioned above. Good luck. I feel for you. Remember that good management of any situation beats bad management and/or no management.

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    It's almost 50 years ago, but I did the thing that several others have recommended that you do: I let the school know that I had an incontinence problem before I arrived on campus. During first year, I was paired with another guy who had another physical disability. However, I made friends with and roomed with guys without physical disabilities in my second, third and fourth years as an undergraduate. All my roommates knew about my incon issues, and it really was not that big a deal. If you're the kind of decent guy that others like and respect, you should be OK, and modern disposable diapers should be much less hassle for you than the cloth diapers and plastic pants that I had to contend with.

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    beware of the spelling nazis, they'll get you for things like collage.

    anyway, i'm sure that the school will work with you on it, but you have to ask them.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I've finished all my online paper work and they didn't list incontinence under their medical section, so I guess I'll ask about it when I go and do my paper work for actual class enrollment.

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    My advise is to be padded with very good stuff. Get the medical-grade stuff like Dry24 if you can afford it or a doctor can Rx it for you to get insurance to partially pay.

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