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    Hi.. I'm new as a member been visiting site for years.. I'm 31, male, and gay. I have been with the same guy for 12 years..

    He doesn't like it at all when I wear "adult diapers." he says they look funny and that he prefer I wear "baby diapers" because they are at least cute. I used to fit into pampers and Luvs but mainly wear goodnites now.

    The issue is I want to wear diapers that I can put on like a baby diaper (not pull ups). I have purchased adult diapers many times but they are alway to BIG and look funny which is why my BF doesn't like them..

    So my Question is.. From experience has anyone found an adult diaper that doesn't look bulky and big? I hate that the diapers stick up so high on my stomach..

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    The only thing I could say would be to get undersized diapers, because as it is, most diapers are SUPPOSED to stick up that high. It makes it a lot easier to tape them on.

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    Check out cushies from abuniverse or teddies from bambinos, they still look similar to baby diapers but are made for adults.

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    Have you also considered cloth pocket diapers? I'm not sure if this design in my gallery is the fit you are looking for, but I'll be rolling out a boutique in the next few months and could work with the both of you.

    I also have a BF, an he thought my designs were less bulky than the last ones.

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    I agree with whats been said already. The high waistline is a pretty consistant design trend for adult diapers, but you might have better luck with an actual AB inspired diaper. An alternative I have done (but don't anymore because I got used to and even learned to like the high waistline) was to fold down towards the interior diaper the extra plastic or textile material back into the diaper. Hope you find something both you and your BF like.

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    The high waistline on most lines of adult padding drives me nuts, as well! I hate all the extra material; it just gets in the way.

    This is one of the reasons why I love Bambinos so much. They are much more reasonable and don't ride nearly as high. Maybe it's because they run small (consider this a warning when ordering).

    Still, they are adorable, both the Teddies and the Bellissimos, and probably have much more the fit you're hoping for. Best of luck ^^

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    I recently tried the Depends Refastsnable diapers.. I cut about 4 inches of the top front of the diaper and I also cut the sides because the diaper has the tapes but also it's like a pull up if u don't cut the sides attaching the front to back.. I liked they way these fit but I the back was still sticking up a lot and I was worried about cutting part of the back Off because I would lose 1 of the 2 pieces with the tape. Has anyone tried these and cut the top part of the back?

    Btw thanks for the replies and advice

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