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Thread: Thinking about buying a case of ABU SDK (80)

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    Default Thinking about buying a case of ABU SDK (80)

    Originally it's about 90 dollars, but with the 20% discount and another 10% I can get them for 66 dollars. Should I buy it?

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    SDKs are my favorite diaper.

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    abu is continuously running sales. some sales are better than others. don't just pull the trigger because they are on sale, keep an eye on their site and figure out a good time to buy. sometimes free shipping. sometimes a special on a specific diaper. sometimes a flat percent off. remember you can only use ONE coupon code per order with them. For example they may have a buy-2-get-1-free on M4's, but that amounts to a case, and next month they may have a 25% discount on cases. Considering the higher price per piece on bags vs cases, this ends up being very close to the same price per diaper. They do this all the time.

    My last order was a major restock, they were running a site-wide 25% off plus some special on a few different brands. I noticed my three cases totaled about $140 when I noticed 150 gets free shipping also. I found a few other little things I was thinking of getting and so got three cases plus some extra stuff for $150. Hard to beat $50/case shipped in any event.

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