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Thread: Black Ops 2

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    Default Black Ops 2

    Just want to hear others thoughts on the new COD game being released less than a year is it? After MW3 came out.

    Personally I think I am done with COD games, MW3 made me angry and still continues to do so. Not because of the gameplay or the M.O.A.B. or the fact that all the COD's are the same. But because the people are always the same, or to clarify the HACKERS are always there and treyarch/activision refuses to do a damn thing about it.

    Before I derail my own thread by going off on hackers, back on topic. Black ops 2 just seems like there is too much and it is trying to hard to be BF2.

    On a final note it does not seem to mention a release for the wii anyway and I refuse to play on the 360....Not paying $60 a year for xbox live...

    Anywho thoughts everyone? Will you get the game? if so, why? if not, why?

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    i never even bothered with black ops or mw3. heck, i still play 4 and maybe a little mw2 sometimes.

    point is, they're trying too hard and are failing even harder. there's no point in talking about it, really.

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    i play i just dont play online, i play the story, splitscreen, private game or survival, but black ops 2 is just too futureistic for my tastes.

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    Yeah- Black Ops 2 is too futuristic for my tastes too. I was looking forward to maybe something set in the 1980s during the cold war or something but not what I saw online. I'm mixed on this year's release after enjoying MW, MW2, Black-Ops and MW3. I'm really mixed on this year's release. I don't know if I'll spend the money and just wait to get it cheap and used a few years later down the road.


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    I'm honestly excited for it. Treyarch hasn't let me down since World at War, and that was before their studio was reformed into a CoD only studio. Black Ops was an amazing game. It had a great story, an awesome co-op mode (Zombies), a well balanced multiplayer, and it was supported more than any other CoD game. On the other hand, Infinity Ward continues to be a disappointment. I haven't played a good game from them since CoD4. MW2 was so unbalanced, and MW3 is basically the same game, just re-skinned and re-tuned. Although, I do partially blame this on their studio falling apart.

    To sum it up, yes, I will be getting Black Ops 2. I actually preordered it yesterday. I will continue to support treyarch, until they give me a reason not to. As for Infinity Ward, I'm done with them.

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    I was thinking about it until they used the guy fawkes mask (the symbol of the hacktivist group ANONYMOUS)to symbolize the "enemy hackers" they got a little to close to real life. Going into polotics? Do they even think that they had just insulted more than half their fan-base? No I guess not or they never would have done it.

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    I'll remain wearily optimisitc until proven otherwise.

    It at least looks interesting...

    I didn't like Black Ops, World at War or Modern Warfare 3 (different developer I know, but still COD), but I really liked Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.

    We'll see how it goes I guess.

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    I don't mind the setting, but if they want to sell exactly the same game again they should at least have improved the graphics this time around.

    And, as WingDog already pointed out, they don't care about the multiplayer. As long as they can supply flashy imbalaned features and sell mappacks they are happy.

    //e CoD4 was the last one i bought and I got to play MW2.

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    As a Zombie Player, i am truly jacked for the release of Black Ops 2 (As Zombies has been confirmed). MW3 only did it a bit for me with their Survival, and when I get the chance, I will pre-order the game as soon as I can! :3

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    Blacker Ops is going to suck. If I do buy it, its going to be for zombie mode. A friend told me something about 16 player zombie mode, which would be amazing.

    The hackers are mad ghey though. You can't go into a room on World at War without seeing ""

    So much fail.

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