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    Ok, I'm looking at the girl's underjams, but also the pampers cruisers size 7s. The only problem or hesitation that I'm having is would they fit. This is going to be my first purchase ever like this, so I'm extremely nervous. Not by getting caught, but if they fit or won't they fit. I'm roughly 144 lbs. with a waist of 32 in. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I doubt size 7 would fit you tbh, i was the same size and they wouldn't fit me

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    The Girls UnderJames may be hard to find. Pampers really isn't backing that product anymore. You'd be better off with Girls Goodnites.

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    Well, I found a walmart near my house had them in their store finder, but I actually know that search for them again. I think that I meant to put goodnites instead of underjams. Sorry for the confusion. Would they fit me though?

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    I am literally the exact same size as you. They fit, but they are tight. If you are still growing don't expect them to fit for much longer.

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    Thanks Baddie, and everyone for posting on this. I will probably post when I have purchased the goodnites.

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    Either would fit you. The pampers would be a tight fit though, and wouldent do anywhere near as good a job.

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