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Thread: Clearly I have control issues...

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    Red face Clearly I have control issues...

    Hi all,

    I was talking to someone who is organising a fancy dress party for slightly colourful types earlier. I showed her a picture of me in my baby clothes and said that is how I'd come along. She said, "Oh, I didn't know you were a sub!"
    I replied, "Sub? Oh no, I'm just four!" Slight pause. "Well, I suppose four year olds are sort of sub, I just suppose I have control issues."
    She laughed. She also warned me I'd better be a good little boy or I'd be spending the party in the corner! Pah! I'll show her 'good'!


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    lol well lets hope that the 2 ideas of 'good' dont clash lol. i hope you have fun at this party and let us know how you get on.

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    lol definitely sounds like she missed the point In any case enjoy the party!

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