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Thread: baby boy blue says ello

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    Default baby boy blue says ello

    hi people just thought id say hi and stuff I'm a 28 year old adult baby who likes to ware adult nappies i wet and occasional mess my nappies make me feel comfy and sucure anyway hi again

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    Hi. Welcome to ADISC! I'm sure you'll find many people who can relate to you c: enjoy your time here!

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC - We're a friendly bunch here so enjoy yourself!

    Can you tell us anything more about yourself so we can get to know you better - What kind of (non-ABDL) things do you like to do?

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    im in to lots watching films ..big film fan ,buy loads of dvd/blurays music and reading as well ..currently living at home again now as my gf split up with me well more of a mutual thing really but she new my baby side so she was good to under stand that she used to change my wet nappys but in the end she just decided she didn't want to anymore witch was np I'm just glad she understood .

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