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    My grandmother just past last weekend. Since she past. For some reason I can't stop wearing diapers. I know I wanted to try to wear 24/7, but it just happened after she past. I feel like I need them instead of just enjoying them. Is this normal?

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    First of all, I'm sorry that your grandmother past away. I hope she is in a better place now.

    When someone dies, it can make you feel needing more comfort and all, because death is something thats to the most humans really uncomfortable. When someone you love dies, you most of the time really needs it. When my grandmother died (I was twelve or so), I trew al my stuffed animals in bed and spend a lot more time under the sheets than usual (I'm a bad sleeper, so when I was twelve, I mostly went after 12 to bed and stood up before 7). It lasted a few weeks (but I trew the most stuffed animals out after a few days, 'coz they claimed to much room :P). And now when something like that happens, I just need a cuddle very bad (and when I don't have a boyfriend to cuddle with, I use my cat as a pillow and sleep more).
    If wearing a diaper makes you feel more comfortable - thus give you the strength to accept the passing away and give it a place - I can't see why it wouldn't be normal. You need to have something when something like that happens. Ok, most people will find their comfort in other things. But does that matter? You find it in diapers, so I can't really see the problem. Just wear them when you need them.
    Think that when you don't feel well - and ofcourse you won't feel well now, when something like this happened - you have also a problem with enjoying other things. Do you enjoy icecream as well as before your grandma died? Don't think so.
    I'll change with time. When you give the passing-away a place, you'll probably enjoy the things you enjoyed before and maybe even better (thinking that your time is limited).

    But it might be that the others here say different. I'm no AB/DL, so I'm just trying to think logically and look at basic psyche-knowledge.
    But I think it's normal.
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    i beleive this would be normal as your trying to find comfort amongst tragety. dealing with death is rather an adult thing so acting more like a child and wearing diapers is a way of coping and feeling more secure. Thats what i find anyway as i did the same when my grandmother died. Sorry for your loss *big hug*

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    Yes, I believe this is a normal response. Diapers can be a coping method, or something to simply make you feel better or comforted. Death or a big loss could make you wear much more often as a way to feel better. Sorry for your loss, hope you feel better

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    Quote Originally Posted by msnewbie View Post
    My grandmother just past last weekend. Since she past. For some reason I can't stop wearing diapers. I know I wanted to try to wear 24/7, but it just happened after she past. I feel like I need them instead of just enjoying them. Is this normal?
    When my mum died at the end of last summer, I kind of went into shock and just carried on busying myself with funeral arrangements, tax forms, paperwork etc. After a couple of weeks when I ran out of things to busy myself with, I withdrew a lot from "everyday life" and started wearing... not quite 24/7, but at least 2/3rds of the time. After Christmas (the run-up to which had also been keeping me busy), I just couldn't be bothered to do anything and was wearing close to 24/7.

    It was just a comfort thing. I really felt like I needed to be "taken care of" and... I think nappies make me feel protected and safe somehow... I can't explain it really. What I can say is that they really helped a lot, and gave me a bit of breathing space and allowed me to come to terms with things more gradually than I would have otherwise. I know exactly what you mean about "needing" them (for the sense of security they gave) instead of just wanting to wear.

    It reminds me of being little and being tired/confused/upset and literally needing a cuddle for re-assurance. Wearing nappies just felt completely natural and soothing. That's part of the reason that I see them, fundamentally or primarily, as a coping method for dealing with stress/life.

    After about 5 months (since I started wearing a lot, not 5 months since Xmas), the "need" to wear so much started wearing off and I'm sort of back to "normal" again...

    Anyway, I really hope you aren't taking it too hard and that indulging in a little AB/DL time is giving you the same kind of "breathing space" that I needed... Look after yourself.

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    Thank you everyone for you feedback. All what you shared helps me a lot. I do feel safe and secure in my diapers right now.

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