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    So, When i was younger i have very fond and distinct memories of my mother reading to my older brother and i.

    I don't know how she managed to do this but i remember vividly at the age of 4-5 hearing the hobbit, the red badge of courage, and lots of other books that were probably well beyond my age range. I comprehended them all perfectly.

    Recently i decided to try listening to an audio-book and memories of those times came flooding back. The hobbit and the lord of the rings narrated by Rob Inglis have been my two favorites so far. I've been listening to them at nights padded up etc finding myself listening to the books with a childlike anticipation.

    I think the fact that i'm listening to books that i can take seriously now is an important aspect. If it were listening to children's books i think i would loose the excitement aspect which is important for the replication / regression aspect.

    If you would like to try it for yourself, you can find a copy of the entire lord of the rings (all three books) on youtube here:

    L.O.T.R: The Fellowship of the Ring- Audio Book (1 of 16) - YouTube

    Has anyone else done this? If anyone else tried this after reading this thread, what did you think?

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    That's a good idea Foley. I agree with the books being for the older age range because it keeps you excited about it.
    I would totally read to my little!

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    I've been listening to the Harry Potter series, read by Jim Dale, on the bus to and from school since January. It's a better way of passing time than sitting there doing nothing, really.

    I actually finished it last week, so I was looking for something else to listen to. Thanks!

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    I'm also into the audio book idea. Stephen Fry has been reading 'Paddington' to me and Derek Jacobi has been reading 'Wind in the Willows'. Both brilliant. I listen to them at night when I'm snuggled up with my plushie and a paci and I have set the ipod to switch off after half an hour on the hope (so far successful) that I'm asleep by then.
    So kind of such famous people to read me bed time stories.

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