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    Default Success!!!!!

    So today i thought i would go and buy a pack of diapers so i decided to go to the local walgreens this was my first time buying in store instead of online. I bought a pack of huggies size 6 and i love them alot very strechy and comfy to wear so all and all an awsome day i had no weird looks or anything so im happy

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    The planning... the perfect execution... the combat roll out of the store...

    It's like being a criminal mastermind!

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    I wonder if the combat roll could be incorporated into everything, definitely could make foreplay fun. Also congrats on the store based buy. I prefer the internet myself mainly because I don't fit into baby diapers.

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    lol at Point it can feel like being a criminal master mind! lol and Congratts Pampers94 for the successful execution :-)

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    Congratulations! I wish I could fit in the size 6 Huggies! I love the designs! ^_^

    However, given your screen-name, aren't you experiencing a bit of an internal struggle?

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    Wow that's fantastic. I have to say I'm a bit jealous too. I wish I could still fit into Huggies myself. About the best I can ever hope for is if Bambino or ABU decides to put Disney Baby or Mickey designs on their diapers.

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    Congrats! I remember the first time I went out and purchased a pack of diapers. I bet you will remember that moment in detail for ever. Have fun..

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