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Thread: Hey, I'm kind of a noob here.

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    Post Hey, I'm kind of a noob here.

    Hey guys I'm RussianRonaldo, a 15 year old male from Long Island. Besides diapers and being a teen baby I am very much into gaming, soccer, math, science, etc. I thought I might as well introduce myself, seeing as I plan on staying on this site for awhile .

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    Welcome mate!

    Nice to see you join us! Anyways, do you have any Non-AB/DL intrests? Personally, I'm an avid gamer, hack and road-biker.

    Anyways, see you 'round the forums mate!

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    Well I am a nerd, you know the old PC gaming, researching science independently stuff. I'm an avid gamer, and a road-biker too. Plus soccer, I love soccer.

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    I also see you play Civ, I would love to crush your country sometime :p.

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    Don't crush Sparta like Julius Ceaser did D:

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    Lol. You prefer Civ4 or Civ5? Civ4 I'm Justinian and Civ5 I'm America. Oh, and just so everyone knows, I'm a HUGE history buff.

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    Didn't really get a chance to play Civ4, so 5 it is.

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    You should pm me your Steam name, we could play sometime... if you would like...

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    Hi. I'm a biker as well, though I like to hit the trails. Do you have safe roads to ride on in New York?

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    Not really, there are a couple, but not too many. I wish there was open country out here, but there just isn't.

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    Thats a great Intro welcome to the site I wish I had a PC for gaming, oh well PS3 for now

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