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    So i saw an add for under ease, a flatulence reducing underwear. I was wonderinf if the filter pants could be worn over diapers to mess in public.

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    Maybe, but I am pretty sure diapers alone would be suffice to make you able to poop in public. Just don't make it weird and nobody should even notice.

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    Yeah, you can do this in public but you have to choose your venues carefully. In particular, you really owe it to the people around you to exit the scene nearly immediately. My favorite scenarios are wearing during shoping and just (_just_) barely holding it, maybe with minor, minimal really, leakage until I hit the parking lot and then let it explode. The second is walking the dogs in realtively empty streets. The dogs mostly, but not exlusively, provide a zone of protection. Just carry a full doggy bag (not that kind) whith you and it provides cover-up.

    I'll have to say I found my way into regular diapers because of an urge to mess more or less accidently in marginally public settings. It's still a rush, but I wear for much more substantial and abiding reasons anmore. Still can't beat that moment when it all lets go, though. Ah, the simple pleasures most people never know.

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