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    How did your parents potty train you mine showed me the inside of my poopy diaper wich made me throw up and I never went in a diaper again that was when I was 2 years old

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    Seriously? They just showed you poop and you stopped? I wasn't potty trained until late due to my mental... "differences" . It took like, 2 years for me to finally nail it. xD All kinds of 'rewards' and different potties. I tried a potty seat for a toilet, a musical potty chair, a princess potty chair, one for "special needs" kids, and none of them worked. I was too confused at first, and then grew too stubborn. :P

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    From what my aunt recently told me, I was as easy as any other kid she helped potty train.

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    Yeah I am a very rewards driven person, apparently I was easy to potty train. Except for the fact that I wanted to keep wearing training pants instead of undies.

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    I actually remember it, I wasn't potty trained all the way till school started. mum just stuck me in underwear, If I had an accident I got punished and had to clean it up, If I ran out of underwear she made me stone was them in the tub. I never actually thought about how to stop having accidents I just started using the toilet. Not to much thought to it really.

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    Mine is complicated, though I don't remember any of it. I was adopted, but not until I was two years old. I know I wasn't potty trained when they got me because of an incident when I was four years old. I was walking around the house talking baby talk, and my mom told me that if I didn't cut it out, she'd put me back into diapers, and if I thought she was kidding, she said she still had them. I used this in my short story "Coffee Stop".

    My guess is that I spent some time at an adoption agency/orphanage, because I can remember my two teddy bears, one which was new, and the other which was pretty beat up. My guess is that I spent some time at an orphanage until my parents received me. I probably was given the old beat up teddy bear at the adoption agency. Imagine the confusion if the orphanage attempted potty training, and then my adoptive parents. I attribute some of my wanting to be in diapers to this early beginning.

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    I was very difficult to potty train. I can imagine mom got me a potty chair and had me sit in it. She even would put me on it and I couldn't figure out I was supposed to go in it than in my diaper. Mom even would pee in the toilet and have me watch her and I still didn't get it. I would even go in my pants too and smile and mom figured I wasn't ready so she put me back in diapers.

    I don't know if my mother gave me rewards or not and I wonder why didn't she give me a spanking.

    Then at age three after my brother was born, I saw the mess in the diaper he made and I quit wearing mine. It took me awhile to use the toilet without having accidents and I am not sure what my parents did to help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofy View Post
    I actually remember it, I wasn't potty trained all the way till school started. mum just stuck me in underwear, If I had an accident I got punished and had to clean it up
    I had a similar experience with potty training. I was "trained" at the late age of 4 at which point it was decided that I should wear regular underwear. Obviously I wasn't ready, because I had several accidents a week, and it wasn't #1 On multiple occasions I was threatened to be put back in diapers, but that never happened since it would have been too much of a burden on the preschool. I'm also pretty sure it was a requirement of the local kindergarten that all students be potty trained. Well... oops! I was still having accidents then too. I don't think any of the other kids found out (minus the time it happened at a friends house and I had to go home), but it was still terribly embarrassing for me whenever it happened.

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    I had similar methods to Kota and Goofy. At age 3-4 my mom just put me in underwear, she said that I just figured it out on my own eventually. I have vague memories of me messing my pants but none of me wetting my pants, weird.

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    I asked for underwear when I was 2 and potty trained myself. Then when I was 4 my mom found a bag of diaper in the back of my closet and let me wear them to use them up and I wanted to be back in diapers scene then.

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