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Thread: 96 Attends for $45?!!

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    Default 96 Attends for $45?!!

    I just found out that has a section for incontinence. I go to that site all the time and never thought to look for this stuff there!

    Some prices:
    Medium Attends, case of 96, $44.99
    Medium Attends, case of 88, $54.99
    Large Attends, case of 72, $39.99
    M/L Molicare, case of 56, $72

    Two notes:

    1. I believe their prices vary on the quantity because of the different suppliers they get from. One Attends supplier might be $x.xx, one supplier might be $x.xx.

    2. I have no idea if their shipping is discreet - I have ordered several non-diaper purchases in the past and they always came in a big "" brand box. However, since they do get their items from different suppliers, I can't guarantee they will all be discreet!

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    Tax probably varies by location. Shipping is usually $2.95 for any order.

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    These booster pads caught my eye; has anyone used these before? How do they compare to, say, a Bambino Quadro?

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    Wow, good find there Alexa! I might be checking that out a bit closer myself as well. I had never thought to look on these type of sites!

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    Awesome find! Never though Overstock would have Incontinence Supplies in-stock... Hehe.

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    Sweet! This is incredibly helpful since I'm in the market for some more diapers. I ran out of Bambinos a while ago and was considering buying Assure brand just because they're dirt cheap. As awesome as Bambinos are, they're just too expensive for me right now. $45 for 96 diapers is a pretty good deal and I'm going to seriously consider buying a case. First I'll have to do some research on how discreet shipping works with Overstock.

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    Kota let us all know what you find out!

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