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    Hi there,

    I'm DarkQS1 and I'm not only greeting with this topic but I also want to explain a bit more about my current situation (if this isn't proper, please tell)

    I know that I'm a Diaper Lover and I've always had this sentence in my mind; whenever I find a girlfriend I'll stop this habit.

    I've never applied on a forum in a different language then my native language. It felt right to do so now, so here I am.

    A good girlfriend of mine and I, decided recently to take our friendship to the next level. Whenever I saw her, I didn't touch diapers for days. I already trusted her completely, but I just had to tell her this secret of mine. The fear for her answer though I knew deep inside that she would've just accepted it, kept me from telling it, but not for long.

    So, just recently I've told my girlfriend about this big secret. Luckily as I am she is open-minded and has accepted my habit. But this also concerns me, I want to quit this habit and follow the sentence that's stuck in my head, which is easy for now. Because the diapers don't arouse me at this moment, she's the only person or thing that arouses me. But for how long will this be easy? I'm not sure, though, we've talked allot about this and the near future possibilities. This helped allot!

    In my native forum they always said that you can't ever get away from this habit. That makes me wanting to be the living prove. But what if this habit just gets buried subconsciously and digs it self out someday?
    I've never thought of that but my gf told me this.
    I guess I'll find out someday. Hopefully I won't.

    I'm still studying but also own a Motorcycle, which is a big hobby of mine

    And probably I've still forgotten some things that any of you would like to know, since this was stuck in my head. Just ask and I'll see if I can answer.

    I just hope that I can find the answers I'm looking for on this forum.
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