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    I just recently toled my GFdiaper fetish. She is very open about it and said she would where diapers with me, in private of course. The thought of her and I both whereing diapers excites me alot and I want our first time in diapers to be realy special. We are going to go up to my camp (North Maine Woods) where nobody will bother us/fnd out. On our way up we are going to stop at Right Aid and buy diapers. I'm realy hoping she enjoys it so we can be diapered more often.

    I was just wandering if there was anybody on hear that are in a relationship and your significant other also wears diapers with you.

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    That's cute! You and your special bride-to-be going together; also it sounds fun!

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    My husband rarely wears diapers with me. He prefers to be babied if he has one on. He decided I can be an incontinent mom because in his mind, mommies don't wear diapers but incontinent ones do.

    But it be too expensive if we wore them together all the time while he isn't working.

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    My wife actually found out about my diapered life because of her admitting that when she is pregnant she will likely need them, this led to me being uncomfortable and eventually coming clean that I wear diapers. She has a very active bladder and doubts she will be able to manage. So, while she does not know I like wearing diapers, I am secretly hoping she is right so we can spend diapered time together (and secretly hoping she likes it, though I doubt she will).

    I hope you have fun MaineDl,

    btw, just so you are aware (I am not trying to be a jerk, just helpful)
    toled = told though I am sure that is a typo

    where =/= wear
    where refers to location, as in "Where are you going"
    wear is the verb for clothing, as in "I wear diapers"

    hear =/= here
    hear is what we do with our ears, as in "I hear what your are saying and I understand."
    here refers to a place, as in "What we have here is a lot of ABDLs"

    homonyms are tough in English, but they do make for interesting sentences when used incorrectly.
    Again, just trying to help and I hope you guys have a GREAT time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    But it be too expensive if we wore them together all the time while he isn't working.
    We arn't planning on wearing diapers all the time just once in a while.

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