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Thread: The smell of wet towel diapers?

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    Default The smell of wet towel diapers?

    Is there a way to not get the ammonia smell on your makeshift diapers?

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    the simplest way is to drink more (thereby diluting your urine). other than that, it's a case of keeping down the germs that feed off your urine and this can be done using disinfectants/antiseptics on the rinse cycle of the wash (especially good if you wash and then store your diapers for some time) and/or you can use a diaper cream with similar properties to the aforesaid.

    but, bear in mind that if you manage to counter the smell of urine, you'll open yourself up to the natural smell of the cotton [when damp with urine] which varies from cotton source to cotton source (like, egyptian cotton will smell different from american cotton - and sometimes the natural smell is as off-putting as is the smell of stale urine).

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    Check out the detergent they sell called rockin green, The "Hard Rock" is used for cloth diapers quite often and often leave it smelling like fruity gun smell like juicy fruit.

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    If you wash them as soon as possible then there will be less of it, since the bacteria won't be able to break down as much of the urea into ammonia.

    Besides that,
    Let me google that for you

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