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    Hey, guys.

    I'm here out of curiousity. A friend told me about his... habits, prefferences..? (My English ain't that well and I think I have other feelings with words than you do, so if I say something wrong, I'm sorry. I'm not a native speaker and sometimes I even don't know how to say something in my own language.)
    Well, told me... He used the term for it and let me find it out myself. Luckily I'm curious and I've read something about it in the past, so I already had an idea. But back in the days it was just "ok, the human psyche is really interesting, how different it can be. Interresting. *clicks to another subject about the psyche*". And now I - of course - want to know a little bit more. 'cause I don't want that I only say "ok" to him en then ignore the subject. Guess that that would be also hard for him.
    So if I'm allowed, I want to look around here a bit, so that I won't have to ask him really obvious things or so that I won't make anything harder for him.

    So, who am I? My name is not Mia. I wanted to use Mi-a (because of the meaning that has for me), but it wasn't available. And yeah, I know there are a lot of real Mia's out there.
    I'm a female. I like to read, write, learn, play with my pets, be outside (running, etc) and a lot more.
    I hope this is enough for now. If it isn't, you can ask me something in this topic. Maybe I'll answer (can't say "ofcourse I will", because I don't know what you'll ask).
    And I hope I hav'nt offended anyone. If I'm rude, you better say it. Otherwise I might not know.

    Have a nice day, everyone!

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    Well you are at the right place for learning about the AB/DL culture. AB meaning Adult Baby. DL meaning Diaper Lover. Anyone of us here will be happy to answer any questions for you. We are a honest and friendly community.

    You seem like a very open minded and caring friend to research to particular aspect of his life to make it easier for him. That's a good attribute!

    So if you have any queries, ask away and anyone here will be happy to answer them!

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    Yeah, I knew that (I sneakpeeked here yesterday and he used the full terms). I know he's a DL.

    And this forum looked really nice. Very warm and open. Sometimes some discussion and a little disrespect, but you'll see that everywhere (and somewhere I come often you see that A LOT. Here I saw disrespect barely (discussion more often, but that's a good thing. it would be boring if everyone thinks the same)). Thanks for the warm welcome anyway

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! It's awesome that you're open-minded about your friend's interest and have chosen to learn more. I hope you make some good friends here and find interesting topics to explore.


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    Interesting it sure is over here. Nice to see y'all have a place to just be open and y'all feel comfortable talking here about everything.

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