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Thread: A bardic introduction

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    Default A bardic introduction

    A kitten I be,
    A poet you see,
    And though I oppose,
    ABAB and just prose,
    In the poems that I see,
    Good ones fill me with glee,
    And the first stanza of this intro sucks.

    As far as diapers go,
    I'm just a fan,
    not a infant,
    though some treatment is nice,
    Of regression I've thought twice,
    And decided that being a pet is where it's at

    Things I like do include,
    minecraft pixle art (not nude! >.<)
    creation and verse,
    Poems with good grammar,
    (rarer than you'd think,)
    Both stories and song,
    The list is quite long,

    I'm making ear stew,
    K that joke really blew,
    I was entranced by the tales,
    Though forums for support,
    even threads that are short,
    are good in my mind,
    This place was a good find.

    I turn now to you,
    Any questions,
    Suggestions for verse?

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    wow this is such a good intredacotion i realy liked it welcome to adisc btw i hope u make loads of great friends here and have a great time and enjoy are comuinty

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    Well I've been on this site less than 12 hours and I already love it, I look forward to spending more time here.

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    it is a verry friendly comuinty i agree and the info u get from others is verry helpfel btw if u want to talk to others why not try out the chat/irc it should have a few people on in a few hrs it is allways to introduse youself there as u can start to know some people

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