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Thread: stash fouund sh**

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    Default stash fouund sh**

    OK so i came home and went to my stash in my room and i was gone
    crap crap crap my mom came home and took me upsairs to my room told me to sit on my bed so i did (i throught i was getting the talk) i was leid down and diaperd my mom said i found your diapers you are going to use all of them i had 32 of them help me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee loseing my mind i asked can i just pee in them she said i had to do 2 also f***

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    you are a liar and you are going to be banned for this.

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    That's a nice way of putting it.

    And before the lock-

    fajsdlktjwaptuqwitouerlkgn,xcvlkasdktj;wawerthasbg zxcbm,bsekajltkjxcbgwkjaeh[weiow[oyfuiyawiulhq;iluJakHFDSKJLBVZXCIUOAGHYSIUGRHAWKLJ GRHAWKJLFHSDKAKJSFHAKLSJFHALKSFHALKSFHALSDFHA;DSMV ZXCBVM,ZXCBVZ,MXCBVVVVVQPWEURYQIOURTYWEORITUYWEROI TUYWERUo;ihfdfkjashoiweahtraksjhfqwequlazqqskjafhw e;akjrh;qwethdf;kifuytrjhuoihbvzmbvalsghkjlthawepo iyoa;ihakjlsdghsdiopfgwrot[gdfskgjlhioaulthyawirohknjsv

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    OMG me 2. I cum home an den my mum wuz lyk wear dis diapy an i wuz lyk no wai! an shes lyk ya, so i do, an den i pee in dem an now im incontinent 4 lyf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    I secretly wish this would happen to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jug1776 View Post
    i am not joking around guys i seriours why would i make this up
    I'm seriours too :O

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