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    Hey guys,
    You guys probably know, it's not all that easy posting here for the first time.
    Besides the obvious, I'm a huge fan of (good) art and music, science, and wopo.
    I'm also a pretty avid LoL player too, so if you want, you can add me.

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    Welcome to the DISC, Cheeseball :-p Interesting name. o.o What kind of music do you consider 'good' music? With me, it's none of this modern stuff...too much crap used to help the people along. A band should have to work to get signed, not slap some vocals on an autotune and call it a song o.o But that's just me

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    Hello! I'm curious about what you'd call "good science?"

    Quote Originally Posted by EarendurAldarion View Post
    With me, it's none of this modern stuff...too much crap used to help the people along.
    Very true, but I don't mind at all with artists like Gotye; the digital tones compliment the unique melody, which he has already busted his butt making.

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    I like Everlast, what a great talented artist. Green Day is my favorite though

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    TBH, I'll listen to anything besides rap or hyper-autotuned stuff. I've got a few friends who are total hipsters with music, so I'm into things from classical and jazz to some wacky rock/opera music. Personally, I find autotune irritating but bearable. And by "good science" I mean all science because science is just that awesome.

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    I'm just giving you a hard time, bud. Welcome.

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