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Thread: Is this slight incontinence?

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    Default Is this slight incontinence?

    Hey! Ever since i was a little kid 2/3 grade) I had this thing where sometimes I would pee just a little you could not even notice it if I had my pants on but if i was in my boxers and they where a lighter color you could notice a wet spot on the groin area it doesnt happen that much maybe just 3-4 times a month but when it does i cant feel it some times it is a little bigger if a wet spot then other times but never anything amazeing (sp) do you know if thats consider incontinence?

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    Not sure about this one, could just be a random coincidence.

    I have had instances where I finished using the restroom, and thought I was emptying my bladder completely. Although, if I bend over or cough, it's like a little bit extra decides to trickle out (Unfortunately enough, has happened at school a few times, and it tends to show though my shorts/pants/etc.)

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    Everyone gets a little dribbling now and again. And if you hold it long enough when you're younger you're going to spray a little whether you want to or not, it happened to me a few times.

    Technically incontinence is any loss of urine or feces. Since there are many types of incontinence you could in theory term what you have described as having "experienced incontinence". But I think any doctor or nurse would simply respond with, "It happens from time to time."

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    Not really it's kind of common to have light bladder leakage, more so among younger people and or women mostly.

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    Technically that's incontinence. The question is how much does it bother you? I'd mention it to my Dr on a regular visit just to rule out any underlying problem, but as some have already said, sometimes it just happens. (idiopathic, as it's called in the medical field).

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    I think the thing to look out for is any change in what you are experiencing - if you have had slight occasional light leakage for years it is likely this is "normal for you" - but if it gets worse in either frequency or volume than it would be sensible to make a specific appointment with your doctor so that any possibility of something serious starting to develop could be ruled out.

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    ive been wondering the same thing. same problem. more than 3/4 times a monht though O.o

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    Technically it is incontinence. I get that from time to time, for me though I get a sudden urge then like two seconds later I leak a bit. You might have some bladder issues in the future. I know for me, that I went to the doctors and he told me I might become incontinent or have bladder issues in a few more me its no big cause that just gives me an excuse to wear, I wear almost 24/7.

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